Favourites List

THESE GUYS ARE JUST THE BEST (an ongoing list; revised for 2023)…


24hr Restaurant:  Markham Station (5117 Sheppard Ave E)

Afghan Restaurant :  Bamiyan Kebab (62 Overlea Blvd)

Arancini:  Centro Trattoria (1224 St. Clair Ave W)

Arepa:  Pomarosa (1504 Danforth Ave)

Armenian Restaurant (East):  Armenian Kitchen (1646 Victoria Park Ave)

Armenian Restaurant (West):  Armenian Bistro (5487 Dundas St W)

Bagel:  Gryfe’s (3421 Bathurst St)

Baguette:  Blackbird Baking Co. (635 Queen St E)

Bakery (East):  Danish Pastry Shop (1017 Pape Ave)

Bakery (West):  San Remo Bakery (374 Royal York Rd)

Baking Class:  Matthew Duffy

Baklava:  Serano Bakery (830 Pape Ave)

Bengali Restaurant:  Ghoroaa Restaurant (2994 Danforth Ave)  #lunchunder10bucks

Banh Mi (East):  Banh Mi Metro (2055 Lawrence Ave E)

Banh Mi (East):  Banh Mi Ba Le (538 Dundas St W)  #lunchunder10bucks

Banh Quon:  Que Ling (248 Boulton Ave)

Bannock:  Tea N Bannock (1294 Gerrard St E)

Bao:  Mean Bao (167 Bathurst St)

Barrista:  Faye & Mari @ Nine Tails Coffee Bar (651 Bloor St W)

BBQ (Eastern Style – North):  Happy BBQ (7750 Kennedy Rd)

BBQ (Eastern Style – East):  East Court & Mike’s BBQ (4400 Sheppard Ave E)  #lunchunder10bucks

BBQ (Western Style – East):  Beach Hill  Smokehouse (172 Main St)

BBQ (Western Style – West):  Barque Smokehouse (299 Roncesvalles Ave)

Beer Selection:  Bar Hop (391 King St W)

Bi Bim Bap:  Tofu Village (681 Bloor W)

Birthday Cakes:  CakeStar (3431 Lake Shore Ave W, Etobicoke)

Birria:  Comal Y Canela (1692 Jane St)

Biryani:  Sukhi’s Biryani House (15 Hayden St)

BLT:  Tuck Shop (1640 Dupont St)

Bolivian Restaurant:  Munay (881 St. Clear Ave W)  #lunchunder10bucks

Borscht:  Future Bistro (483 Bloor W)

Brazilian Bakery:  Padaria (5 Manor Rd)

Bread:  St. John’s Bakery (153 Broadview Ave)

Breakfast All-Day (East):  The Gingerman (1104 Victoria Park Ave)

Breakfast All-Day (West):  The Lakeview (1132 Dundas St W)

Breakfast Sandwich (East):  Lazy Daisy Cafe (1515 Gerrard St E)

Breakfast Sandwich (West):  When The Pig Came Home (3035 Dundas St W)

Brewery (East):  Eastbound Brewing Co. (700 Queen St E)

Brewery (West):  Bandit (2125 Dundas St W)

Brisket Sandwich:  Leslieville Pumps (913 Queen St E)

British Meat Pie (Cornish Pasty):  Sharman’s Proper (1972 Danforth Ave)

Brownies:  Almond Butterfly (100 Harbord St)

Brunch (East):  Bonjour Brioche (812 Queen St E)

Brunch (West):  Good Fork (1550 Dundas St W)

Bruschetta:  Marcello’s (1163 St. Clair Ave W)

Burek:  Family Bakery Cafe (1220 Woodbine Ave)

Burger (East): Mama’s Boys Burgers (480 Danforth Rd)  #lunchunder10bucks

Burger (West): Apache Burgers (5236 Dundas St W)  #lunchunder10bucks

Burmese Restaurant :  Popa Burmese Kitchen (2901 Bayview Ave)

Burrito:  Bolet Burrito (134 Lower Sherbourne St)  #lunchunder10bucks

Business Lunch:  BUCA (53 Scollard St)

Butcher (East):  Colangelo Brothers (2387 Midland Ave)

Butcher (West):  Vince Gasparro’s (857 Bloor St W)

Butter Chicken:  Banjara (796 Bloor St W)

Butter Tart:  Gerrard Street Bakery (635 Gerrard St E)

Cabbage Roll:  Café Polonez (195 Roncesvalles Ave)

Caesar (drink):  The Rebel House (1068 Yonge St)

Caesar (salad):  Banfi (333b Lonsdale Rd)

Cajun/Creole Restaurant:  Bourbon House (3655 St. Clair Ave E)

Calamari:  Pantheon Restaurant (407 Danforth Ave)

Callaloo:  Aunt Elsie’s (2689 Eglinton Ave E)

Calzone:  Bitondo’s (11 Clinton St)  #lunchunder10bucks

Cambodian Restaurant :  Khmer Thai (1018 St. Clair Ave W)

Cannoli:  Holy Cannoli

Cevapi:  Mak Deli (1335 Lawrence Ave E)

Ceviche:  La Bella Managua (872 Bloor St W)

Cha Chaan Teng (East):  Great Fountain (8 Glen Watford Dr)  #lunchunder10bucks

Cha Chaan Teng (West):  Hong Kong Bistro Cafe (472 Dundas St W)

Charcuterie (Dine out):  Cote de Boeuf (130 Ossington Ave)

Charcuterie (Dine in):   Chuckaboo Boards

Chef’s Table:  Richmond Station (1 Richmond St W)

Cheese Shop (East):  Good  Cheese (614 Gerrard St E)

Cheese Shop (West):  Global Cheese (76 Kensington Ave)

Chicharron:  Banahaw Food Mart (458 Dawes Rd)

Chicken & Waffles (East):  Sunnyside Waffles

Chicken & Waffles (West):  The Stockyards (699 St. Clair Ave W)

Chicken Salad Sandwich:  Vilda’s (209 Dovercourt Rd)

Chicken Wings (East):  Tara Inn (2365 Kingston Rd)

Chicken Wings (West):  Crown & Dragon (890 Yonge St)

Chilean Restaurant:  Completo (5 Coady Ave)

Chinese Restaurant (24hr):  Perfect Chinese (4386 Sheppard Ave E)

Chinese Restaurant (Buffet):  Dragon Legend (25 Lanmark Rd, Markham)

Chinese Restaurant (Cantonese/Yue):  Providential 9  (8425 Woodbine Ave, Markham)

Chinese Restaurant (Delivery):  Su Good (2626 Danforth Ave)

Chinese Restaurant (Xinjiang):  Chinese Halal Restaurant (101 Ravel Rd)

Chinese Restaurant (Szechuan):  Nian Yi Kuai Zi (328 Hwy 7, Richmond Hill)

Chinese Restaurant (Wuxi):  Qin’s Garden (435 Spadina Ave)

Cheap Eats:  Gale’s Snack Bar (539 Eastern Ave)  #lunchunder10bucks

Chocolate:  Mary’s Brigadeiro (1912 Danforth Ave)

Choucroute:  Otto’s Bierhall (1087 Queen St W)

Churrasqueria:  O Bairradino (662 Lansdowne Ave)

Ciderey:  Brickworks Ciderhouse (709 Queen St E)

Cinnamon Buns:  Rosen’s (825 College St)

Clam Chowder:  Pearl Diver (100 Adelaide St E)

Club Sandwich:  The House on Parliament (454 Parliament St)

Cocktails (East):  Pinkerton’s Snack Bar (136 Ossington Ave)

Cocktails (West):  Reposado (1026 Gerrard St E)

Coleslaw:  Kid Lee (The PATH – First Canadian Place)

Colombian Restaurant:  Columbus Bakery (2931 Dufferin St)

Coffee Roaster:  De Mello (2489 Yonge St)

Congee:  Congee Queen (895 Lawrence Ave E)

Convenience/General Store:  Old’s Cool (250 Westlake Ave)

Cookies:  Craig’s Cookies (various locations)

Cookies Dough:  Thin Billy

Corn Dog:  Pow Wow Cafe (213 Augusta Ave)

Corned Beef & Cabbage:  PJ O’Brien (39 Colborne St)

Crab Cakes:  The Miller Tavern (3885 Yonge St)

Crab Dinner:  Saigon Star (330 Highway 7 East, Richmond Hill)

Crepes:  Sava Crepes (2674 Yonge St)

Croissants:  Mabel’s (1156 Queen St W)

Cuban Restaurant:  La Cubana (392 Roncesvalles Ave)

Dairy Restaurant:  United Bakers (506 Lawrence Ave W)

Deli (Kosher):  Centre Street Deli (1136 Centre St, Thornhill)

Dim Sum:  Ding Tai Fung (3235 Highway 7 East)

Diner (East):  The Senator (249 Victoria St)

Diner (West)  Aris Place (229 Roncesvalles Ave)

Dive Bar (East):  Farside (600 Gerrard St E)

Dive Bar (West):  Get Well (1181 Dundas St W)

Donair:  Mira Mira (1372 Queen St E)

Donburi:  RYU’s Noodle Bar (786 Broadview Ave)

Doner:  Doner G (879 Wilson Ave)

Donut (East):  Port Union Bakery (287 Port Union Rd)  #earlymorningglazejob

Donut (West):  Harry & Heels (832 Dundas St W)  #earlymorningglazejob

Dosa:  Udupi Palace (1460 Gerrard St E)

Doubles (East):  ACR Hot Roti & Doubles (2680 Lawrence Ave E)

Doubles (West):  Ducky’s Roti (3296 Lake Shore Blvd W)

Drip Coffee (East):  Third Wave (42 Church St)

Drip Coffee (West):  NineTails Coffee Bar (651 Bloor St W)

Dumplings (East):  Dumpling House (619 Gerrard St E)  #lunchunder10bucks

Dumplings (West):  Mother’s Dumplings (421 Spadina Ave)

Duck:  Hong Fatt BBQ (443 Dundas St W) #lunchunder10bucks

Eggplant Parm:  Mustachios (St. Lawrence Market)

Egg Roll:  Golden Palace (Air Canada Centre b/w/o Ottawa)

Egg Salad:  Mocha Mocha (489 Danforth Ave)

Eggs Benny:  Lady Marmalade (898 Queen St E)

Eqyptian Restaurant:  Aragoz (3456 Kingston Rd)

Empanadas:  El Gordo (214 Augusta St)

Empire Biscuits:  Full Stop (2948 Dundas St W)

Espresso (East):  Tandem Coffee (368 King St E)

Espresso (West):  Cherry Bomb (79 Roncesvalles Ave)

Ethiopian Restaurant (East):  Rendez-Vous (1408 Danforth Ave)

Ethiopian Restaurant (West):  Nazareth (969 Bloor St W)

Event Catering:  The Food Dudes (24 Carlaw Ave #2)

Family Restaurant: Occasions Restaurant (30 Eastwood Rd)

Family Style Dinner:  Jerusalem (956 Eglinton Ave W)

Farmers’ Market:  Leslieville (20 Woodward Ave)

Fajitas:  El Trompo (277 Augusta Ave)

Falafel:  Limon (1968 Queen St E)  #lunchunder10bucks

Filipino Breakfast:  The Ritz (310 Donlands Ave)

Filipino Hot Table:  Banahaw Food Mart (458 Dawes Rd)  #lunchunder10bucks

Filipino Restaurant:  Kabalen (3778 Bathurst St)

Filipino Supermarket:  Seafood City (20 Lebovic Ave)

Fine Dining:  Edulis (169 Niagara St)

Fish & Chips (East) : Olde York (96 Laird Dr)

Fish & Chips (West) : Harbord Fish & Chips (147 Harbord St)

Fish Taco: Seven Lives (69 Kensington Ave)

Foie Gras:  Antler (1454 Dundas St W)

Food Broker/Supplier/Wholesaler: Signature Foods (24 Viceroy Rd # 4, Concord)

Food Court Food:  Tropical Joe’s (1000 Gerrard St E ~ Gerrard Square)  #lunchunder10bucks

Frappe:  Monopol Cafe (706 Pape Ave)

French Bakery:  Conci (1300 Gerrard St E)

French Fries:  George Street Diner (129 George St)

French Onion Soup:  La Societe (131 Bloor St W)

French Toast:  Bodega Henriette (1801 Gerrard St E)

Fried Chicken:  Chick n Joy (1483 Queen St E)

Fried Chicken Sandwich (East):  The Wren (1382 Danforth Ave)

Fried Chicken Sandwich (West): P.G. Cluck’s (610 College St)

Gabagool:  La Salumeria (2021 Yonge St)

Georgian Restaurant:  Tiflisi (1970 Queen St E)

Gelato:  La Paloma (1367 St. Clair Ave W)

Gluten Free:  The Night Baker (825 College St)

Gnocchi:  Sugo (1281 Bloor St W)

Golf Course Restaurant:  TPC Toronto at Osprey Valley (Caledon)

Goulash:  Budapest Restaurant (1959 Gerrard St E)

Greek Restaurant (East):  Arkadia House (2007 Eglinton Ave E)

Greek Restaurant (West):  Peter’s on Eglinton (1035 Eglinton Ave E, Mississauga)

Greek Salad (East):  Square Boy (875 Danforth Ave)

Greek Salad (West):  United Bakers (506 Lawrence Ave W)

Grilled Cheese:  Millwood Melt (902 Millwood Rd)

Greasy Spoon:  Avenue Open Kitchen (7 Camden St)

Grocery Store:  Summerhill Market (446 Summerhill Ave)

Guacamole:  King’s Tacos (1190 St. Clair Ave W)

Guyanese Bakery:  Shereen’s Bakery (1063 Midland Ave)

Guyanese Restaurant:  Lucky Lin’s (5633 Finch Ave E)

Gyros:  SouvLike (708 Pape Ave)

Hainanese Chicken Rice (North):  Cafe de Hong Kong (11 Fairburn Dr)

Halloumi:  The Rosedale Diner (1164 Yonge St)

Hakka Restaurant:  Federick (1920 Ellesmere Rd, Scarborough)

Happy Hour (East):  Prohibition (696 Queen St E)

Happy Hour (West):  Melrose on Adelaide (270 Adelaide St W)

HK-Style Milk Tea:  Pine House Cafe (5561 Steeles Ave E)

Homer Simpson Donut:  Extra Butter (283 Roncesvalles Ave)  #earlymorningglazejob

Honduran Restaurant:  2 Amigos (1650 Jane St)

Hospital Food:  King David (Mount Sinai)

Hoppers:  Hopper Hut (880 Ellesmere Rd)

Hot Dog (East):  Curbside Dogs (Bluffers Park)  #lunchunder10bucks

Hot Dog (West):  Pepper’s Food & Drink (189 Wallace Ave)

Hot Pot/Nabe/Shabu Shabu:  Nami (55 Adelaide St E)

Hotel Bar:  Roof Lounge (Park Hyatt)

Hot Sauce:  Tata’s Hot Sauce Emporium  (219 Rexleigh Dr)

Huevos Rancheros:  Easy Restaurant (1645 Queen St W)

Hummus (East):  Armenian Kitchen (1646 Victoria Park Ave)

Hummus (West):  Parallel (217 Geary Ave)

Hungarian Restaurant (East):  Budapest Restaurant (2183 Danforth Ave)

Hungarian Restaurant (West):  Country Style Hungarian (450 Bloor St W)

Ice Coffee:  Mercury Espresso (915 Queen St E)

Ice Cream (East):  Lickadee Split (980 Coxwell Ave)

Ice Cream (West):  Dutch Dreams (36 Vaughan Rd)

Indian Restaurant (East):  Karaikudi (1225 Kennedy Rd)

Indian Restaurant (West):  Banjara (796 Bloor St W)

Indonesian Restaurant:  Satay Sate (12 William Sylvester Dr)

Iraqi Restaurant:  Al Forat (1756 Victoria Park Ave)

Ital Restaurant:  Ital Vital (741 Pharmacy Ave)

Italian Beef:  Marq’s Chicago Beef (707 Dundas St W)

Italian Hot Table (East):  Francesca Italian Bakery (2 Invergordon Ave)

Italian Hot Table (West):  Tre Mari Bakery (1311 St. Clair Ave W)

Izakaya:  Don Don Izakaya (130 Dundas St W)

Jamaican Beef Patties:  Fahmee Bakery (119 Montezuma trail)

Jerk Chicken (East):  Chris Jerk (2570 Birchmount Rd)

Jerk Chicken (West):  Allwyn’s Bakery (404 Queen St W)

Jerk Pork:  Mr. Jerk (209 Wellesley Ave)

Jordanian Restaurant:  Zaad (348 Bloor St W)

Juice:  Greenhouse (5 Macpherson Ave)

Kale Salad:  Ferro (769 St. Clair Ave W)

Kamayan / Boodle Fight:  Tinuno (31 Howard St)

Karahi (East):  Karahi Boys (1921 Lawrence Ave E)

Karahi (West):  Karahi Point (2642 Islington Ave)

Kari Dagig:  South Asia Malaysian Cuisine (3700 Midland Ave)

Katsu:  Sakawa Café (867 Danforth Ave)

Kebabs:  Lavash (2746 Victoria Park Ave)

Kerala Restaurant:  Mr. John’s (1168 Kennedy Rd)  #lunchunder10bucks

Key Lime Pie:  Wanda’s Pie in the Sky (287 August Ave)

Khao Soi:  Sisaket (1466 Kingston Rd)

Kids’ Menu (East):  Sammy’s Family Restaurant (639 McCowan Rd)

Kids’ Menu (West):  Piano Piano (88 Harbord St)

Kimchi:  Ajooma Park

Korean Banchan:  PAT Central (675 Bloor St W)

Korean Restaurant (East):  Makkal Chon (1979 Lawrence Ave E)

Korean Restaurant (West):  Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu (692 Bloor St W)

Lahmacun:  Mamajoun (209 Ellesmere Rd)

Laksa:  One 2 Snacks (8 Glen Watford Dr) #lunchunder10bucks

Lamb Shank:  Zaffron (6200 Yonge St, North York)

Laotian Restaurant:  Queen Mother Café (208 Queen St W)

Lasagna:  Commisso Bros. (8 Kincourt St)

Latte:  Maha’s (226 Greenwood Ave)

Lebanese Restaurant (East):  Ghadir Meat & Restaurant (1848 Lawrence Ave E)

Lebanese Restaurant (West):  Lebanese Garden (366 College St)

Lemon Meringue Pie:  Aloette (163 Spadina Ave)

Lengua:  Alebrijes Taqueria (2404 Dufferin St)

Liver & Onions:  The Boulevard Club (1491 Lake Shore Blvd W)

Lobster Dinner:  Fishman Lobster Clubhouse (680 Silver Star Rd, Scarborough)

Lobster Roll:  Diana’s Seafood (2101 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough)

Macarons:  mon K patisserie (1040 Coxwell Ave)

Mac & Cheese:  The Victory (440 Bloor St W)

Malaysian Restaurant :  Restoran Malaysia (815 Major Mackenzie Dr E, Richmond Hill)

Manak’eesh:  Al’Deewan (1415 Kennedy Rd)   #lunchunder10bucks

Massaman Curry:  Isaan Der (2961 Dundas St W)

Matzo Ball Soup:  Zelden’s Deli (1446 Yonge St)

Meatballs:  Rustic Bakery (318 Rustic Rd)

Meatball Sandwich:  Mary’s Place (20 Bermondsey Rd)  #lunchunder10bucks

Mexican Restaurant (East):  El Sol (1448 Danforth Ave)

Mexican Restaurant (West): Milagro Cantina (5 Mercer St)

Milkshake:  Friends Burgers (1922 Queen St E)

Mimosa:  Farmhouse Tavern (1627 Dupont St)

Mocktails:  Shameful Tiki Room (1378 Queen St W)

Momos:  Loga’s Corner (216 Close St)  #lunchunder10bucks

Montreal Smoked Meat:  SumiLicious  (5631 Steeles Ave E)

Muffins:  Mystic Muffin (113 Jarvis St)  #lunchunder10bucks

Mussels:  Beer Bistro (18 King St E)

Mustard:  Kolzik’s (St. Lawrence Market)

Mutton Rolls:  New Quality Bakery (1415 Kennedy Rd)

Nachos (East):  Keating Channel Pub (2 Villers St)

Nachos (West):  Sneaky Dee’s (431 College St)

Nashville Hot Chicken:  Chica’s (2853 Dundas St W)

Nasi Lemak:  Canteen (Dragon City Mall)

Nepali Restaurant:  Bowl & Snacks (1 Oak St)  #lunchunder10bucks

Nigerian Restaurant:  SK Cookks (133 Jefferson Ave)

Nuts:  Roasted Nut Factory (2399 Cawthra Rd, Mississauga)

Octopus:  Bar Isabel (797 College St)

Okonomiyaki:  Okonomi House (23 Charles St W)

Olives:  Scheffler’s (St. Lawrence Market)

Omelette:  Flo’s Diner (70 Yorkville Ave)

Onion Rings:  The Burger Shack (233 Eglinton Ave W)

Organic Restaurant:  Thrive Organic (3473 Lake Shore Blvd W)

Osso Bucco:  The Nose (1220 Queen St E)

Oxtail:  Simone’s Caribbean (596 Danforth Ave)

Oysters:  Oyster Boy (872 Queen St W)

Paczki (East):  Kmicic Polish Deli (209 Ellesmere Rd)  #earlymorningglazejob

Paczki (West):  Kingsway (2458 Haines Rd, Mississauga)  #earlymorningglazejob

Pad Thai:  Mengrai (82 Ontario St)

Paella:  Patria (478 King St W)

Pakistani Restaurant:  Lahore Tikka House (1365 Gerrard St E)

Pancakes:  Mildred’s Temple Kitchen (85 Hannah Ave)

Panang Curry:  SukhoThai (52 Wellington St E)

Panini:  Mattachioni (1617 Dupont St)

Paprikash: Bread & Butter: (507 Mt. Pleasant Rd)

Pasta (Eastside):  Ardo (243 King St E)

Pasta (Westside): Famiglia Baldassarre (122 Geary Ave)

Patio (Eastside):  Allen’s (143 Danforth Ave)

Patio (Westside): 3 Speed (1163 Bloor St W)

Patty Melt:  White Lily Diner (678 Queen St E)

Peameal Sandwich:  Carousel Bakery (St Lawrence Market)

Pickles:  Zakopane Deli (3061 Lake Shore Blvd W, Etobicoke)

Pierogi:  Hastings Snack Bar (5 Hastings Ave)

Persian Restaurant:  North Restaurant (100 Steeles Ave W, Thornhill)

Pho (East) : MiMi’s (688 Gerrard St E)

Pho (West):  Pho Tien Thanh (57 Ossington Ave)

Pizza (North):  Classico Louie’s (2547 Yonge St)

Pizza (East):  One Night Only (581 Pape Ave)

Pizza (West):  Pizzeria Badiali (181 Dovercourt rd)

Poke:  Poke Guys (112 Elizabeth St)

Polish Restaurant (East):  Hastings Snack Bar (5 Hastings Ave)

Polish Restaurant (West):  Zagloba (2555 Dixie Rd, Mississauga)

Porchetta:  Porchetta & Co. (825 Dundas St W)

Pork Bone Soup:  Ka Chi (414 Dundas St W)

Portuguese Custard Tarts (Natas):  Caldense Bakery (337 Symington Ave)

Potato Salad:  Royal Beef (1968 Danforth Ave)

Poutine:  O&B Bannock (401 Bay St)

Pozole:  Tacos el Asador (689 Bloor St W)

Private Chef:  Chef Rang

Pulled Pork:  Black Camel (4 Crescent Rd)

Pupusas:  Amanecer Salvadoreno (2663 Islington Ave)  #lunchunder10bucks

Quiche:  Bonjour Brioche (812 Queen St E)

Rajma Masala:  Indian Spice Room (717 Queen St E)

Ramen (East):  Kyouka Ramen (2222 Queen St E)

Ramen (West):  Ramen Isshin (421 College St)

Ribs (spare ribs):  Cherry Street Bar-B-Que (275 Cherry St)

Ribs (short ribs):  Simba Grill (375 Donlands Ave)

Rice Noodle Roll:  Yin Ji Chang Fen (7010 Warden Ave, Markham)

Risotto:  L’Unita Enoteca (134 Avenue Rd)

Romanian Restaurant:  Pioneer Deli (747 Don Mills Rd)

Roti (East):  Mona’s Roti (4810 Sheppard Ave E, Scarborough)

Roti (West):  Debe’s Roti and Doubles (2281 Jane St)

Russian Restaurant:  Ossington Stop (1543 Dundas St W)

Salvadorian Restaurant:  El Pulgarcito (20 Nugget Ave)

Samosa:  Motimahal (1422 Gerrard St E)

Saganaki:  Yaya Greek Bistro (1186 Queen St E)

Sauerkraut:  Dnister Ukrainian Store (St. Lawrence Marlet)

Sausages (Butcher):  Meating on Queen (1160 Queen St E)

Sausages (Restaurant):  Wvrst (609 King St W)

Savory/Pot Pie:  The Library Bar (Royal York Hotel)

Schnitzel (East):  Vienna Fine Foods (1050 Birchmount Ave)

Schnitzel (West):  Janchenko Bakery (2394 Bloor St W)

Scones:  Cafe Belong (Evergreen Brick Works)

Seafood Market:  Diana’s Seafood (2101 Lawrence Ave E)

Seafood Restaurant: Joso’s (202 Davenport Rd)

Seafood Takeout: Buster’s Sea Cove (St. Lawrence Market)

Shakshuka:  Parallel (217 Geary Ave)

Shawarma Salad:  Tabule (810 Queen St E)

Shawarma Sandwich:  Dr. Laffa (3519 Bathurst St)

Shawarma Plate:  Johnny’s Shawarma (1904 Kennedy Rd)

Sheppard’s Pie:  Stout Irish Pub (221 Carlton St)

Shrimp Cocktail:  Prohibition (696 Queen St E)

Singaporean Restaurant:  Lion City (1177 Central Parkway W, Mississauga)

Smoked Salmon:  Kristapson’s (3248 Yonge St)

Somalian Restaurant (East):  Sahan (2010 Lawrence Ave E)

Somalian Restaurant (West):  Xawaash (130 Queen’s Plate Dr)

Souvlaki Dinner: Astoria (390 Danforth Ave)

Souvlaki on a Bun:  Kathy’s Grill (1158 Kennedy Rd) #lunchunder10bucks

Spanakopita:  Akropolis Pastries (708 Danforth Ave)

Spaghetti & Meatballs:  Mamma Martino’s (624 The Queensway, Etobicoke)

Sports Bar:  Real Sports Bar & Grill (15 York St)

Spring Rolls:  Pai (18 Duncan St)

Sri Lankan Restaurant:  Babu (4800 Sheppard Ave E)

Sri Lankan Short Eats:  New Kalyani (723 Kennedy Rd)  #lunchunder10bucks

Ssam:  Hanyang Jokbal (6016 Yonge St)

Steak & Eggs:  Zet’s (6445 Airport Rd, Mississauga)

Steak House (East):  Jacob’s & Co. (12 Brant St)

Steak House (West):  David Duncan House (125 Moatfield Dr)

Steak Sandwich:  Dairy Freeze (1601 St Clair Ave W)  #lunchunder10bucks

Steak Tartare:  Cluny Bistro (35 Tank House Lane)

Submarine Sandwich (North):  Belly Buster (3447 Yonge St)

Submarine Sandwich (East):  Lakeshore Super Submarine (2939 Lake Shore Blvd E)  #lunchunder10bucks

Submarine Sandwich (West):  Chubby’s (1265 Morningside Ave)

Sujuk:  Aleppo Kebab (1960 Lawrence Ave E)

Sundae:  Tom’s Dairy Freeze (690 The Queensway)

Sunday Roast:  Queen & Beaver (35 Elm St)

Supermarket:  Marche Adonis (various locations)

Supermarket (Asian):  C&C Supermarket (888 Don Mills Rd)

Sushi (AYCE):  August8 (331 Spadina Ave)

Sushi (to-go):  Japango (122 Elizabeth St)

Sushi Restaurant:  Miku (10 Bay St)

Syrian Restaurant:  Zezafoun (4 Manor Rd E)

Tacos (East):  El Saizon de la Tia Flor (1549 O’Connor Dr)

Tacos (West):  Itacate (998 St. Clair Ave W)  #lunchunder10bucks

Tahini:  Parallel (217 Geary Ave)

Taiwanese Restaurant (East):  Wei’s Taiwanese Foods (2578 Birchmount Rd)

Taiwanese Restaurant (West):  Chop Chop (771 Dundas St W)

Tanzanian Restaurant:  RajKapuri (377 Donalands Ave)

Takoyaki (East):  Guushi (296 Gerrard St E)

Takoyaki (West):  Takoyaki6ix (160 Baldwin St)

Tandoori Chicken:  Canbe Foods (1760 Ellesmere Rd)

Tapas:  Bar Raval (505 College St)

Thai Restaurant (East):  Maya Bay (252 Carlton St)

Thai Restaurant (West):  Koh Lipe (35 Baldwin St)

Thali:  Anjappar Chettinad (3090 Eglinton Ave E)

Tibetan Restaurant:  Shangrila (1600 Queen St W)

Tofu:  Asian Legend (900 Don Mills Rd)

Torta:  Torteria San Cosme (181 Baldwin St)

Tostada:  Puerto Bravo (1425 Gerrard St E)

Turkey Burger:  W Burger Bar (10 College St)

Turkey Sandwich: Oak Park Deli (213 Oak Park Ave)  #lunchunder10bucks

Turkish Restaurant (East):  Barans (2043 Eglinton Ave E)

Turkish Restaurant (West): Istanbul Kebab House (1370 Dundas St E, Mississauga)

Turnip Cakes:  Congee Wong (10 Ravel Rd)

Tzatziki:  Ellas Meat Market (674 Pape Ave)

Ukrainian Restaurant:  Heavenly Perogy (400 Bathurst St)

Uyghur Restaurant:  Kroran (1515 Birchmount Rd)

Uzbek Restaurant:  Chaihana (1000 Finch Ave W)

Veal Sandwich:  California Sandwiches (244 Claremont St)

Veggie Burger:  Planta (1221 Bay St)

Veggie Chili:  The Cannonball (641 Queen St E)

Vietnamese Restaurant (North):  Saigon Star (330 Highway 7)

Vietnamese Restaurant (East):  Hanoi 3 Seasons (1135 Queen St E)

Vietnamese Restaurant (West):  Anh Dao (383 Spadina Ave)

Waffles:  Le Petit Dejuner (191 King St E)

Wine (Bottle):  Grand Cru Deli (304 Richmond St W)

Wine (Glass):  Gusto 101 (101 Portland St)

Wonton Soup:  King’s Noodle Restaurant (296 Spadina Ave)


We’d like to tip our hats to the following dozen Toronto institutions who recently closed their doors.  You will be missed… 

Betty’s (240 King St E)

Big Crow BBQ (176 Dupont St)

The Cannonball (641 Queen St E)

Chakula Hut (1871 O’Connor Dr)

Doomie’s (1265 Queen St W)

Florida Shish-Kebab House (940 Pape Ave)

Momofuku (190 University Ave)

One Love Vegetarian (854 Bathurst St)

Plaxton Coffee (2889 St. Clair Ave E)

The Real McCoy  (1033 Markham Rd)

Randy’s Take-out (1569 Eglinton Ave W)

Sabai Sabai (81 Bloor St E)

Soufi’s (676 Queen St W)