Pasha Authentic Turkish ~ 64 Overlea Blvd #10 ~ (416) 421-3500

I met-up with a fellow food blogger recently. She told me about a Turkish restaurant on Overlea that was a must try. Now, I absolutely love Turkish food. Thing is, I know of very few places in the city to indulge. So glad we found Pasha Authentic Turkish. It’s a super friendly, family-run place that…

Bamiyan Kabob – 62 Overlea Blvd (Unit 3A) – (416) 429-7514

My boss and I were taking a cab across town recently, and we began chatting with the driver about food. Insisting that the best Afghani food in the city was Bamiyan Kabob, he gave us a menu and suggested we see for ourselves. The place was buzzing for a Thursday afternoon; a good, good sign….