Bamiyan Kabob – 62 Overlea Blvd (Unit 3A) – (416) 429-7514

My boss and I were taking a cab across town recently, and we began chatting with the driver about food. Insisting that the best Afghani food in the city was Bamiyan Kabob, he gave us a menu and suggested we see for ourselves.

The place was buzzing for a Thursday afternoon.  From reading the menu all week, I had the Sultani Kebob ($12.49) on my radar.  Huge pieces of Filet Mignon (Barg) and a skewer of BBQ Ground Beef (Kofta) were served with Rice, Green Salad, Mista Salad (Diced Tomato & Red Onion) and Afghan-style Naan (which is more like bread than it is like Indian-style Naan).   Other dinners include Tandoori Chicken, Chaplee (Ground Beef), Tikka (Beef Tenderloin), Choppan (Lamb) and Tandoori Chicken; all of which can be wrapped-up in Naan and served as a sandwich… a truly Afghani dining experience with obvious hints of the Mediterranean (both in taste and presentation).

With five locations across the GTA, Bamiyan Kabob is waiting for you; waiting to exceed expectations. There’s a reason why all the cabbies eat there: it’s the best Afganhi food in the city.  Thanks for the recommendation, Malik Javid.  (62 Overlea Blvd; 5120 Dixie Rd; 4205 Keele St; 7760 Markham Rd; 2970 Drew Rd).

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  1. Riza says:

    “Obvious hints of the Mediterranean”

    This is how the Afghani people have been eating for thousands of years. Welcome to Afghanistan.

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