Barb’s Roti Shop – 1181 Lakeshore Rd E. (416) 278-4713

Barb’s Roti Shop has been around since 1981, and I can’t believe it’s taken me 30 years to find it. A tiny takeout joint tucked away on Lakeshore Road, just west of Long Branch, this has got to be the food find of the year… for 2 reasons…

First off, Barb makes an absolutely incredible Double ($1.95). I have never had better… anywhere. Secondly, Barb makes a killer Roti. The assortment, size and taste are unparalleled compared to what’s on offer downtown… leading me to agree with their slogan “Better Than The Best of The Rest”

I started with the Goat Roti ($8.90) and was pleasantly surprised to hear that every roti in the house is boneless. Huge chunks of tender Goat, semi-soft Potato and a blistering-hot Gravy are wrapped in a way that’s conducive to eating with your hands (which is good because there is nowhere to sit down). Try adding cabbage for an extra 50 cents.

For those of you who tend to do their roti meatless, Barb’s Eggplant & Zuccini Roti ($8.90), is accompanied by Red, Green & Yellow Peppers, Potatoes and Green Beans… all simmering in a spicy Tomato Curry.

It’s also worth noting that all rotis are also available as complete meals (with dirty rice and coleslaw) for around $11, including Jerk Pork and Butter Chicken.

Be sure to check this place out if you’re ever traveling that way… or after you’ve finished a round of golf at Lakeview (it’s literally right around the corner).

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  1. Adrian Golombek says:

    I 100% agree with you on this one Ashley. It is by far the best Roti in town. They won’t deliver and they won’t take phone calls. Also good luck finding them open on a regular basis. They open when they feel like it, cause they know their Roti is the best. I used to live in that area and it’s the only thing i miss about it.

    1. Adrian,

      I just happened to stumble upon it as I was early for a meeting. Damn it was good. Great doubles. Thanks for the head’s-up re: hours.

      I also love their roti sign in the front.

      10/10 for my lunch yesterday

  2. Howard says:

    I really LOVE this food!

  3. Hi there, good work, I will suggest your blog to my friends.

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