Gale’s Snack Bar – 539 Eastern Ave – (416) 364-1300

I have been hearing a lot of buzz these days about the cheap-eats at Gale’s Snack Bar. Seeing that it’s walking distance from work, I decided to check it out recently. Living in the East End of the city for a good percentage of my life, I always saw this place but didn’t really give it much thought. I’m glad I finally came to my senses. This place is the stuff of legend. Stuck in a total time-warp, Gale’s Snack Bar officially wins the prize for CHEAPEST EATS IN THE CITY.

When we arrive, there are only seats at the counter. Gale is one of the friendliest hosts I have ever met… though obviously overwhelmed by the buzz (and subsequent traffic) that has recently started packing her place at lunch hour. It takes me a minute to place my order, as I can’t believe how cheap everything is.

I order a Club Sandwich ($2.50), an order of Fresh-Cut Fries & Gravy ($1.35) and a Cheeseburger ($1.30). It’s almost impossible to believe that I can get all this food for less than $6. And though not the biggest burger I’ve ever had (similar to a JCB at, ahem, Wendy’s), the Club is totally legit… comparable to other diners in the area for a fraction of the price.

As loyal regulars continue to stream in, I find myself having difficulty finishing everything. I can’t remember the last time I had that issue with a six-dollar meal. Don’t get me wrong, this is no primo Leslieville date spot… but an unpretentious place to enjoy a cheap Grilled Cheese ($1.15), a bowl of Soup ($1.00), a Hot Turkey Sandwich w/ Fries ($3.75), Fish & Chips ($3.25) or Apple Pie & Iced Cream ($2.50). You’ve got to try this place at least once and see for yourself… your shrapnel goes a real long way at Gale’s.

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