No Bull Burgers – 181 Parliament St – (647) 349-1100

With Toroto’s gourmet-burger craze in full swing, a lot of entrepreneurs have redefined the stigma of flippin’ burgers. The result: an ever-increasing supply of high-priced combos. I found it refreshing, then, when I stumbled across No Bull Burgers… and by “stumbled” I mean going to get a Greek lunch at Souvlaki Express (348 Queen St E ) and trying instead their recently-opened burger joint at the rear of the store (separate entrance on Parliament).

The offer here is fresh, local, organic Angus Beef… and while other places promise something similar, I am drawn to the unlimited amount of free gourmet toppings and the “cheaper” prices when compared to a couple of other spots on Queen Street East (you know who your are). I order the Double Burger ($7.96) and my eyes light up when I set them on complementary Guacamole, Tzatziki, Friend Onions & Mushrooms, BBQ Pineapple and Green Olives. I’m also impressed by being asked how I want my fresh-ground patties cooked (a notion some other places outright refuse to entertain).

My boss orders a Cheeseburger ($6.31) and makes it a Combo ($4.43 extra) by adding fresh-cut Fries and a premium Soda (Coke in a small glass bottle, etc.). Now, I am not a fry guy. Occasionally, when visiting a chip truck, I will indulge and split Fries with someone. These Fries were that good… Fresh-cut, parboiled and then served to order. I am leaning towards making it a Combo on my next visit… and to trying their No Bull Burger ($11.50) which is a Double Cheeseburger topped with Bacon, Peameal Bacon and a Fried Egg, in between 2 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches for buns. Wait, I guess if I do order that, I probably don’t need to make it a combo.

So, local, organic, Angus Beef with unlimited gourmet toppings, fresh-cut Fries and a price-point that is slightly lower than its competitors… sounds like everything you could possibly want in a burger joint, right? As an added bonus, you can eat your meal in Souvlaki Express (the Greek restaurant that is adjoined to No Bull Burgers); meaning that you can wash everything down with an imported bottle of Beer ($6.00).

With so many burger joints popping up all over town, on could argue that they’re trending towards dime-a-dozen status. That’s why finding one that really stands out from all the others (stands out in numerous ways) makes it a great day for a food blogger. Try it for yourself and let me know what you think. No Bull Burgers surely has to be in the discussion when compiling a list of best burger joints in the city. I told myself I was not going to blog about trendy burgers. This place changed my mind.

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