Thoughts on Summerlicious: Jump – 18 Wellington St. W. – (416) 363-3400


Toronto’s Summerlicious ended yesterday. Now, I have never been too big of a fan, and  feel that most guys think along the same lines… small portions, limited menu selections, and a dessert course that’s of little-to-no interest. Well, my wife booked us in for a $35, three-course Price-fixe at O&B’s Jump, and my thoughts on Summerlicious have changed. And though Jump wouldn’t usually grace the pages of this budget-conscious blog, since we’re talking Summerlicious prices, this was definately a meal worth mentioning.

With its nicely-shaded patio situated in the courtyard of Commerce Court East, Jump offers-up al fresco ambiance… free from the after-work Scotch & Cigar crowd. Starters included a Carrot & Jalapeno Soup consisting of Coconut Milk, Prosciutto and Chives… a Watermelon and Feta Salad… a Crab & Corn Cake atop Beet Slaw… or a BLT Salad with Double-Smoked Bacon and aged Canadian Cheddar. This was really a no brainer for us: we split the 2 latter options… a couple of bites of Crab Cake and Cheddary/Bacony Salad being just what we were looking for. Next course, please!

The choice of mains seemed fitting for Summerlicious. Jerk Chicken, Asian Salmon w/ Veggies and Olive/Tomato Ravioli were all available, covering all the bases of the average diner. What I ordered, however, exceeded expectations ten-fold. The Rosemary Porchetta & Fagioli alla Toscana was like Pork & Beans on steroids. The Pork Shoulder had fallen off the bone in the kitchen and landed on top of Cannellini Beans, stewed Pomodorini Tomatoes and grilled Garlic Rapini. The combination of both taste and portion size has single-handedly rewritten my take on Summerlicious. Good stuff!

As you might know, I am not one for desserts. I prefer a Drambuie. So I will usually order whatever my wife doesn’t order so she can try them both. Wouldn’t you know that our server, Leslie, was nice enough to bring out a sample platter of all 3 desserts. Not only that, when my wife and her got talking about how much they love desserts, Leslie gave us a doggie-bag of freshly-made Bananna Bread w/ Chocolate… which was on offer on the regular menu. Result!

The trifecta of service, atmosphere and ample portions have changed the way I look at this once-a-year price-fixed food celebration that is generally geared towards the ladies. Thanks very much, Jump, for re-setting the bar.

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