Su-Good Chinese Restaurant ~ 2626 Danforth ~ (416) 691-8828

Su Good Sign

We recently ran into one of my wife’s friends at our local Target. Turns out that we both moved into the same neighbourhood not so long ago. We began exchanging stories, mostly about being new parents:) Anyways, the conversation meandered into the realms of food, and then local food. And though neither of us have lived in the hood for very long, her family swears by ordering from a place at Main & Danforth called Su-Good. It’s a no-frills Canadian-Chinese hole in the wall, specializing in kid-friendly favourites that will bring a smile to just about anyone’s face. If anything, the price-tag certainly will.

Su Good Dinner A

Many of us probably have fond memories of eating kid-friendly Chinese food with the family growing up. The Chicken Balls, the Spare Ribs, the Fortune Cookies.  Well, Su-Good is that kind of place. The menu is vast, and, based on the “Specials” listed in the window, there appears to be an almost endless amount of combinations and variations available. I can’t help but notice a Guyanese section of the menu… and though I am very intrigued, this will have to wait until our next visit. We’ve come for Canadian-Chinese food, and the Family Dinner for Two (A) jumps off the page; a great deal for $22.50. You get 2 Egg Rolls, 12 Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls, a spicy version of General Tao’s Chicken and a generous portion of Chicken Fried Rice. We decided to add some Chinese Broccoli in Garlic Sauce… making it an even $30, while adding some Greens to the mix.

Su Good Takeout Bag

Su-Good makes the kind of comfort food that’s reminiscent of the legendary Moonglow Restaurant… a childhood memory that used to be located on Yonge Street north of Lawrence.


If you happen to be picking-up dinner, Su-Good has cheap bottles of beer (including Maximum Ice) while you wait. If you want them to come to you, they have free delivery to most of East York on orders over $20… and you get a free order of Chicken Fried Rice on all orders over $30. If you can find out the kind of fish they have mounted on the wall of their dining room, please let me know:)

Su Good Wall Fish

I am going to add an update to this post and say that we went back to Su-Good yesterday (5/29/13) and tried the Guyanese Chili Chicken ($8.95). Although its texture is similar to General Tao’s (deep fried), the sauce is outstanding. Turns out one of the chefs is from Guyana. We also tried the Spring Rolls ($1.25 each) and the Veggie Chop Suey ($5.95). Both were very tasty. The owners are Cantonese, so I couldn’t help but also order the Siu Mai (4 pieces for $3.50). Since I spent over $30, we got a free order of Chicken Fried Rice. Nice work, Su-Good. 2 for 2!

chili chicken

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  1. babydoll52 says:

    sounds good but no menu too see

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