Pan American Food Festival

panam sign

The Harbourfront Centre played host to the Pan American Food Festival this past weekend (Sept 20-22). The event offered-up a variety of tastes, sights and sounds from over 40 countries.

One of the standouts was the Ceviche Tacos ($5 each) from T.O. Ceviche Bar. There were multiple renditions of this dish from vendor to vendor, however, these guys nailed it thanks, in part, to their reliance on ingredients other than white fish.

Next up were some Deep-fried Chicken Tacos ($3 for 3) from Santo Pecado Catering. Nice and crunchy, this dish was balanced perfectly with a topping of fresh guacamole and pickled onions. Crab Empanadas ($3 each) were also available – and what they lacked in size, they more than made up for in the flavour department.

Finally there was a cooking demonstration and food tasting from the guys at Rebozos (one of my favourite taco joints in the city). They showed us just how easy it is to make flavourful Beef & Bean Tacos by using little more than fresh ingredients and a hot plate.

For more information on The Harbourfront Centre and their upcoming cultural events, be sure to check out their website at I’ll see you there!

tacos (2)

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