Coconut Grove Roti Shop ~ 183 Dundas St W ~ (416) 348-8887

coconut grove

Looking for something a little bit different for lunch… something exotic that won’t break the bank? Well, look no further than the Coconut Grove Roti Shop. This Mom & Pop has been serving-up T&T favourites for the past 10+ years. I remember loving this place when I was in high school and still venture here on a regular basis when I get a hankering for Caribbean food.

Rotis range in price from $6.99 – $9.99 and run the gamut from mildly-spiced Veggies to extra-spicy, bone-in meats (and everything in between). Homemade dhalpuri roti shells are first filled with curried mashed potato. Then numerous combinations of meat & veg are generously ladled, spiced to taste (with homemade Scotch Bonnet hot sauce) and are carefully wrapped so as not to burst at the seams. Be sure to bring your appetite.

Other favourites from Trinidad and Tobago are available; including Callaloo (think spiced collard greens), Doubles (curried chickpea sandwiches served on fried flatbread) and Mauby (a tree-bark based drink that is both spicy and sweet – pictured below).

Coconut Grove offers an exotic escape from the fast-food, food-court fare available ad nauseam in the shopping malls nearby. With seating for 20, you can escape the office for a brief moment and enjoy the sounds and smells of some legit Caribbean home cooking. See you there!


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