Gilead Café ~ 4 Gilead Place ~ (647) 288-0680

gilead sign

Tucked away in an alley in Corktown, Jamie Kennedy’s Gilead Café has always created quite a buzz. Close to my office, I had an opportunity to have lunch here recently. And while the Toronto Food Blog rarely dwells on the negative, the result of our dining experience was only comme ci comme ça. I’ll preface this by saying that the food was incredible; the service… not so much.

gilead soup

The place is bustling when we walk in, and there’s a table available in the corner. Since we’re not greeted by anyone at the door or by the people behind the counter, we seat ourselves and start reading the in-store literature placed on the table. The lunch menu is written in chalk on the wall, and there are a number of delicious-looking options listed under today’s specials… most noticeably Pickerel served a few different ways. The waiter walks by a number of times with little recognition of us sitting there. After a few minutes more, I stop him on his next pass and ask if we order from him or up at the front. He tells us there’s no table service and abruptly walks away. I am glad I asked… as is the table of four sitting beside us who follow us up to the front.

gilead sandwich

In the mood for a soup & sandwich, I order the Pickerel & Dill Chowder to go alongside a Pate & Pickle Sandwich. I quickly see what all of the buzz is about. Both of these taste absolutely sublime. Possibly the best soup/sandwich I’ve ever had… as it should be for $21 + tax.

The Gilead Café is a place where portion size is superseded by richness, and we leave completely satisfied with the food. They will just need to work on their customer service in order for us to return (the staff failed to recognize us on our way out as well… despite thanking them).

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