Tita la Guanaca ~ 1028 St Clair W ~ (416) 656-3519


There is a lot of great food on St. Clair West. Tita la Guanaca (1028 St Clair Ave W) is no exception. Translated as The Little Salvadorian, this take-away makes great Pupusas. Corn-flour dough is wrapped around Pork, Beans and Cheese and is fried for 5 minutes a side. Hot off the grill, they top it with Vinegary Coleslaw, all for $2.50. Be sure to also ask about their sensational $2.50 Tamales, $1.75 Empanadas and whole roasted Chickens.

Hey, in today’s world of the ten/fifteen-dollar lunch, it’s always good to know a few places that don’t break the bank. I miss living on St. Clair West for a lot of reasons. Proximity to places like this is one of them.

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