Completo ~ 5 Coady Ave ~ (416) 901-9233

Completo menu (2)

Completo is a new(ish) sandwich shop that has evolved from a stall in Kensington Market to a Leslieville storefront (where Le Matin Bakery used to be) on Coady Ave, just north of Queen St E. There’s seating for our party of five at the counter inside. We decide instead to sit on their patio and enjoy one of the last warm afternoons of the year, wishing they had a liquor licence.

Completo menu (1)

The menu consists of a variety of Chilean street foods… everything from Empanadas through to their name-sake…

Completo box (2)

Named after a type of elaborately-topped Chilean hot dog, Completo’s version leans towards what can be loosely-translated as “Italian style”, (consisting of chopped tomatoes, mashed avocadoes and mayonnaise) presumably due to its resemblance to the Italian flag. This is a delicious taste, and my Chilean friend Priscilla says it’s authentic in every way… though the $7 price tag would buy you half-a-dozen in Santiago.

Completo box (1)

Boxes ($9) are built on a bed of fresh-cut French Fries, topped with Fried Eggs, Salsas and your choice of Beef, Chorizo or BBQ Pork. Sandwiches (also $9) are filled with your choice of BBQ meat and gets covered in a generous amount of diced tomatoes and smashed avocado. My BBQ Beef Sandwich looks a little smaller than advertised, but it more than makes up for it in the taste department. Something this rich needn’t be much bigger (imo).

Completo sanry

Completo is a nice addition to the Leslieville lunch scene. I’ve given it high-praise in recent conversations (and blog posts) for being both different and delicious. We see a few orders being hand-delivered to neighbouring businesses, and a small line-up starts to form as we’re finishing off our Fries. There are a few veggie options, and all taxes are included in the price. It would be great if they’re licenced next time patio season comes around. I am sure that they could move more than a few Pisco Sours if they were on the menu.

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