Wok & Roast Chinese BBQ Restaurant ~ 349 Broadview Ave ~ (416) 461-3811

When my favourite Chinese BBQ restaurant in the city (Ka Ka Lucky) burned down this summer, I was in shock. Sure, some of it had to do with the fact that I was eating there at the time. The aftermath left a gaping hole in my lunchtime routine. Then when Kom Jug Yuen closed-up shop a few months later, I felt the city had really lost a couple of its best downtown BBQ joints. Well, I am happy to announce that Ka Ka Lukcy has recently re-opened as Wok & Roast. Same great owners, same great food, brand new renovation. When I heard the news, I bee-lined over to grab some BBQ Pork for a work function we were having… meaning that I may have been the last person to eat at Ka Ka Lucky and the very first to eat at Wok & Roast.


Packed daily with locals, Gwielows and neighborhood police officers, Lunch Specials see the owners chopping-up one, two or three BBQ meats along side Steamed Broccoli and White Rice  for $7.50, $8.00 and $8.50 respectively. There’s also a daily hot-plate buffet to choose from, as well as a 100+ item a-la-carte menu for those not wishing to eat what has been hanging in the window. For me, i’ll take a pound of Char Siu Pork for $8.50 any day of the week.


On your way home from work? Whole Chickens & Ducks are chopped into 8 pieces and are available three different ways for around $13. The stuff of legend, entire pigs are also available BBQ`d, chopped and delivered for $138. I think I might pre-order one for our annual Super Bowl Party.

Open every morning at 9am for that early fix, they’re also licenced if you want to indulge at lunch or dinner. If you’re trying to find this place, it’s located one block south of Gerrard on the east side of Broadview Ave… ample parking on First Avenue (to the south).



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