Caribbean Sunset ~ 753A Queen St E ~ (416) 320-8967

Caribbean Sunset is one of the newest additions to the Riverside food scene.  Owner Douglas Ling and head-chef Christopher Farquharson are churning out tropical favourites at all hours of the day, adding some much-needed variety and spice to the ‘hood.

Mains range from $11 to $16 and come with your choice of any two sides.  Choose from coleslaw, dirty rice, curried potato or chickpeas, callaloo, festivals or plantains.  All dishes can be spiced-up with the Ling family scotch bonnet sauce.  Standouts include Jerk Pork Tenderloin and their Curry Goat lunchbox… and there’s always a $10 lunch special that includes a main, rice & peas and a drink.

Their roti shells come in daily from Mona’s in Scarborough, and any main on the menu can be turned into a roti for the same price… plus they fill them to the brim with any two additional veggies.  They also have a large assortment of veggie rotis, including the infamous Ital (a personal favourite wherever I go).

Perhaps the best deal on the menu is their Soup de Jour. For only a fiver, you get a very large serving of either Corn & Veg, Red Bean & Beef or Chicken & Noodles.  Complete with spinners, it’s a substantial lunch for a great price.

From a sheer supply-and-demand perspective, Caribbean Sunset is the best Riverside has to offer.  However, after frequenting a number of times now, I continue to be pleasantly surprised by the food and the service.  Be sure to ask for a Patty or one of their Doubles if you’re just looking for a snack.  One of these days I’ll be sure to pop by in the evening to try one of their many signature island cocktails.

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