M’Zaar ~ 668 Yonge St ~ (647) 350-0666

I’ve gotta be honest with you… it’s typically against my nature, in any city, to frequent restaurants located on the busiest street with pictures of their food in the window.  M’Zaar is truly an exception to this rule, though.  This place is something else.  One of my favourite spots for a quick bite around the Church & Wellesley Village.

The second you walk in you’re welcomed with warm hospitality.  There’s usually a small line, cafeteria style, allowing you time to drool over your options.  Order ahead of time on the Ritual app for instant gratification.  Whatever you order & however you order it, the name of the game at M’Zaar is elevated, quick-serve, Lebanese Halal.

You start by picking your protein.  There are an assortment of grilled meats on the menu: shawarma, shish tawouk, kababs, kafta and soujouk.  There’s also the grilled catch of the day and/or falafel if you prefer.  Can’t decide?  Why not go for the mixed grill?  Everything gets accompanied with an array of salads, rice, potatoes, sauces and dips to make quite the meal.  Large plates of food that are easy on the wallet?  That’s the Toronto Food Blog’s jam right there.  Oh, and they’re super friendly if you’re practicing ketosis.  I often ditch the rice & potatoes for more salad.

With the astronomical rents along Yonge St. and condos popping up seemingly every block, it’s tough to say how long M’Zaar will reside in it’s current location.  Based on the quality of their food and the super friendly customer service, i’ll continue to order from wherever they’re located.  M’Zaar really sets itself apart from any of the shawarma places downtown.  It’s certainly worth walking a few extra blocks to get the best of the best (imo).  Big thanks to my brother Chris for the introduction.


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