Kim Kim ~ 1188 Kennedy Rd ~ (416) 757-8300

Kim Kim Restaurant is a family-run Hakka joint in Scarborough trying to keep things afloat with elevated takeout & delivery offerings.  I’m told their family recipes originated wayback in Meizjou, China, perfected here in the GTA b/w/o Kolkata, India.  They boast quite a large menu of Hakka classics plus some harder-to-find specialties, making this one of my favourite Wednesdays in Scarborough destinations.

It’s always service-with-a-smile at Kim Kim, along with friendly recommendations around some of the menu items I’m less familiar with… like Mirchi Corn!!!  Mirchi loosely translates to “having an overly high temperature.”  They had me at dry chilli corn fry-up.  There’s no turning back; this plate of awesomeness now gets ordered every time and is veggie friendly to boot!

Calcutta Fish is another must-order.  A huge portion of crispy fried fish tossed in a chilli/curry/pepper medley.  It’s served dry, without gravy, and packs a real punch.  Salt & Pepper Chicken (pictured below) is a strong order if you’re seeking something on the milder side.  This item travels particularly well, maintaining its crunch on the drive home.  Salt & Pepper Squid is also available if your preference is de la mer.

Our household typically orders our mains on the dry side; however, there’s an array of gravy-based dishes that are just perfect for the rice afficiandoes out there.

Speaking of starches, don’t sleep on their pakoras, soups and noodle dishes if you’re seeking a little something-something to accompany your mains.  They’re all sauced to suit your spice sensibility and can be realized as vegetarian upon request.

The Toronto Food Blog is aligned in supporting local small business as much as we can right now.  Who knows how long it will be before dining rooms open again with this second COVID wave?  Kim Kim is truly a dining room I miss:  friendly, spotless, and full of the smells & sounds of a bustling Hakka kitchen.  Good food made by good people.  We’ll be heading for a large family meal onsite just as soon as we’re allowed.

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