Leela’s Roti and Doubles (900 Rathburn Rd W. / 2573 Victoria Park Ave)

Leela’s Roti & Doubles is a Trinidadian #cheapeats experience located at  either end of the GTA.  Our kinda place, they have a rotating daily menu dedicated to #lunchunder10bucks. 

The Toronto Food Blog was a recent guest on ‘Sauga960AM’s Dine & Dash Radio Show where we disclosed that a visit to Tobago was atop our culinary bucket list.  We reckon that Leela’s is about as close as you can get to T&T without boarding a flight at Pearson.  

We strongly recommend starting your order with one of these classic street foods (and sauces)…

  • The undisputed King of the Jhorts are Doubles.  Full stop.  And Leela’s are very good.  Be sure to order a couple.  Spiced to order, it’s always extra pepper for us.  Their banania cucumber chutney is not to be missed.  
  • Aloo pie are deep-fried potato dumplings served with sweet tamarind for dipping.  We can’t eat too many of these bad boys or we’ll totally spoil our lunch. 
  • Saheena are spinach fritters that are somehow on the lighter side.  Leela’s are spiced just right with a kuchala & coconut chutney.

We just love coming to Leela’s for lunch.  There’s often a lineup, so calling ahead gives us some time back.  These guys are serving-up a variety of curries and wrapping them in dhalpuri, paratha or buss up shut.  If you prefer pelau, that can also be arranged.

It’s worth noting that all small curries cost less than a ten spot and are a significant amount of food.  Order the large if you have a table for two or just want makaforshet.   Chicken, goat, lamb, shrims, fish, duck… everything is served with a dollop of dhal, and most curries can be ordered boneless (if that’s your thing).

Our favorite B-side menu item is currently their pachouni.  We’re big on the organ meat, and this goat tripe makes for a great cook up. 

If the thought of tripe just turned you off the idea of eating meat, fear not.  Leela’s also does enormous veggie platters.  Five different veggies; five different spices; one great Ital lunch.  Don’t sleep on their potatoes.  These guys are doing great stuff with potatoes.

Whether we’re in the west end of Mississauga or the east end of Scarborough, Leela’s is never too far away to feed our face.  And we just love that!

The Toronto Food Blog is aligned with supporting local small business as much as we can right now.  Looks like COVID restrictions are lifting somewhat tomorrow (June 2nd)… so hopefully that’s a shot in the arm for struggling family restaurants like our friends over at Leela’s.

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