El Sazón de la Tía Flor ~ 1549 O’Connor Dr. ~ (416) 689-2450

We’ve found our new favourite east-end taco joint!!!  El Sazón de la Tía Flor has an amazing Mexican menu that’s easy on the wallet.  We love it so much, in fact, that it’s become a bit of a weekly habit.  Our friends & family agree that this family-run taqueria is too legit… adding some much-needed love to O’Connor Drive!

There are a number of Mexican staples on the menu: Burritos, Nachos, Enchiladas, Tortas, Horchata.  But we come for the Tacos!!!

Each taco quartet costs about $10 bucks and comes adorned with onions (chopped & fried), homemade nacho chips, lots of limes, and a sidecar of house hot sauce (to suit your spice tolerance).  We totally dig how the corn tortillas are fried to achieve the perfect textured crunch (especially nice on the birria).

Choose from Carnitas, Pastor, Cochinita Pibil, Bistec, Suadero, Birria, Chicken or Veggie (mushroom + nopales).  We’ve tried them all, and there is still no clear winner.  What’s your favourite taco?

All of the aforementioned proteins can also be purchased by the kilogram if you want to elevate taco night at home.

All tacos are a buck a piece on #tacotuesday & all-day Wednesday… which is just unheard of in this day-and-age of the $5+ taco.  Come early, though, as the line tends to wrap around the corner of the strip mall during the mid-week rush.

El Sazón de la Tía Flor is so busy on dollar days that they close their doors on Thursdays to catch their breath.  We prefer coming on a Monday or Friday anyways, as ten bucks and no lines suits us just fine:)

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