Bowl & Snacks ~ 1 Oak St. ~ (416) 863-3972

Bowl & Snacks is a brand new Nepali restaurant in Regent Park where much of the menu qualifies as #lunchunder10bucks.

Chef Rashmi is just about the friendliest person we’ve ever met, and she’s cooking-up Himalayan classics that have us coming back (again and again) for more of the good stuff.

For starters, they have a few different Momos on the menu.  These bigger-than-bite-sized dumplings come ten to an order.  Steamed chicken are our favourite, as they’re literally bursting with soup.  Veggie Momos are also  available (if that’s your thing), and everything can be pan-fried upon request.  Don’t sleep on their hot sauce.  It’s heavy on the cilantro and a must-have accompaniment.

Pro tip: their samosas are also filled to the brim with whatever you fancy.

Thukpa is a Nepali/Tibetan soup that’s heavy on the veggies, heavy on the spice and heavy on the noodles.  There is a salad bar available to build your soup to suit… but we just ask for a little but of everything.  This huge bowl of comfort is like a warm hug on a cold day.

If you like what you see above but prefer your noodles served dry, Bowl & Snacks can do that, too.  Their stirfrys have over a dozen veggies folded in, and you can choose from shrimp, chicken or tofu as your protein.  Tossed to perfection, the noodles at the bottom of the bowl are left swimming in the most delicious coating.  Rice or quinoa are also available as a substitute for noodles.  Whatever your starch, we’ve been eating this at least once a week since they opened.

Bowl & Snacks is exactly what this neighbourhood needed…  healthy, fresh food that’s easy on the wallet, served by salt-of-the-earth folks.  What’s not to like?

Rashmi can be found on the corner of Parliament & Oak Streets in the heart of Regent Park.  Please tell her the Toronto Food Blog sent ya.  She’ll take care of you!

Jaya hōs!

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