Supreme Taste ~ 351 Broadview Ave ~ (416) 778-8029

Supreme Taste is a new Cantonese roastery & restaurant in #EastChinatownTO.  Owner, Ben Yin, is a former treasury banker with management experience in the QSR space.  When the previous owners of Sing Sing BBQ were looking to retire after being a fixture in the ‘hood for decades, Ben jumped at the chance to become his own restauranteur.  He prides himself on great customer service, a quality menu, and decent prices.  We visited on a bustling opening-day and have been coming back regularly ever since.

Chinese barbecue (siu mei 燒味) hangs in the window, ready for takeout.  There’s typically a small line on the left side of the restaurant buying meat by the pound or ordering a combo plate to-go.  We absolutely love their duck.  The skin is crispy and perfect.  We’ll almost always add additional servings of BBQ Pork (char siu) and Soy Sauce Chicken (si yau gai) to round out the power trio.  Served on white rice with Chinese Greens (bok choy) and plenty of Ginger-Scallion Oil (薑蔥), this is currently our favourite lunch in the neighbourhood.  And it you opt for a bowl-sized serving of two meats, it qualifies as #lunchunder10bucks.  It’s hard not to step inside after this kind of window shopping!

There is a dining area on stage left that’s bustling with locals every time we visit.  We are always welcomed with a pot of tea and a sizable menu to choose from.  Congee (rice porridge) seems to be a popular order that adorns almost every table.  Many bowls arrive laden with cuts of the aforementioned BBQ.

For us, Mapo Tofu is always a good unit of measurement when trying a Chinese restaurant for the first time.  Often served with minced pork at other places, we’re thrilled to find that, like the congee, the burnt ends of the BBQ Pork are used to tie this dish together.  It’s got great spice and texture.  We could eat this every day (if our doctor allowed us to).

Another one of our favourite things to order at any Chinese restaurant is Snow Pea Leaves.  We literally scour the menu for it.  The rendition at Supreme Taste comes loaded with King Oyster Mushrooms!  This is an enormous serving is more than enough for sharsies and works really, really well as a BBQ sidecar.

Other mains dishes include dozens of fried rice & noodle dishes.  From the wok, King Pao Shrimp & Black Bean Beef both come with enormous servings of protein and a variety of veggies.  The quality is top shelf!

And don’t sleep on their Beef Brisket + Tendon Curry.  It’s rich, chewy and comforting.

Supreme Taste is currently walk-in only; however, they are planning on expanding to food delivery apps with a smaller, select menu of Cantonese classics!

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