Joy Bistro – 884 Queen Street East – (416) 465-8855

Lookout, Queen Street East bars with decent happy hours… Joy Bistro, with its 2 patios (one with a full menu and the other with a tapas lounge),  has established itself as the after-work go-to for many an eastender. And for good reason…

From 5pm until 7pm daily it’s only $2.50 for bar rail, domestic bottles and Coors Light pints. An extra buck affords you an array of micro-brew pint selections, leaving many-a-bill to resemble this review… short and sweet.

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  1. ahr says:

    $5 doubles!

  2. Thanks so much for all your great information.

  3. Wonderful! I also agreed with you because you are offering reliable services and these are affordable also for your customers.

  4. wow what an info..i must say its very informative thanx for sharing

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