Congee Star – 900 Don Mills Rd – (416) 385-8822

Tucked away in a mall off Don Mills Rd, Congee Star has, without question, one of the most extensive menus of any restaurant I’ve visited recently… so much so that it’s tough to get a seat during the lunch rush, even if it’s a table for one. Good thing their $6.25 take-out lunch special is equally as extensive. With over a dozen items, it makes it easy to do a little of the old “in-and-out.”

If you boil-down rice for long enough, you get Congee. Its porridge-like consistency makes a nice base, and Congee Star dresses it up 30 different ways… served in small or large bowls. Whole Lobster ($18.50), Scallop and Egg ($9.50), and Roasted Duck ($9.50) are a few of the most popular, and bowl after steaming bowl flies out of the kitchen as I wait for my table.

Not feeling Congee? There are equally as many Soups, Noodle Dishes, Rice Dishes, Hot Plates, Hot Pots and BBQ items to satisfy nearly any taste. Singapore Style Fried Turnip ($5.95) is a great starter. Crunchy and spicy, it’s a great way of preparing a veggie that I would usually avoid.  The Yeung Chow Fried Rice ($7.75) is great for the table to share. It’s filled with a generous portion of BBQ Pork and Shrimps, and isn’t overly oily. Chinese Broccoli in Garlic Sauce ($8.50) is firm, and nicely compliments the Sizzling Plate of Spicy Seafood, Ginger & Green Onion ($16.95).

Don’t let the name fool you… With literally 300 items to choose from, Congee Star has something for everyone.  Give it a try next time you’re in Don Mills. Bill, we’ve been talking about hitting this place up for ages. How about some time this week?

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