Ted’s Range Road Diner – 138490 Grey Rd. 112 – (519) 538-1788

It’s really a no-brainer what the best personal dining experience has been over the past year. If you’re ever anywhere even close, be sure to checkout Ted’s Range Road Diner just outside of Meaford. For those of you reading this in the 519, sorry if it sounds like I’m repeating myself. I think it’s safe to say that a reservation is required for dinner.

Appetizers are simple, yet somehow include Alligator ($8.99)… a truly gamy introduction to everything else Ted’s has on tap. Speaking of which, Ted’s extensive booze selection is enough to compliment any taste or food pairing… before, during or after.

First impressions? Well, it’s all a bit much to take in. Taking a minute or two to realize that no menus were coming to the table, the wall of menus quickly became the point of reference. All mains are served with a generous portion of Rosti or Mashed Potatoes, accompanied by a medley of Sauteed Vegetables.

After giving the menus a good once over, it seemed like Elk was the right choice. Though they were out of the Elk Striploin ($29.99), they did have Elk Medallions ($29.99) as one of the daily specials. Seeing as it was my first time trying Elk, I was surprised at how tender the meat actually was. Four 2-oz. pieces were grilled Medium Rare and lathered in a Red Wine reduction. Not gamy in the slightest.

My better-half had the Orange Roughy ($19.99),  a personal favourite. Seared to keep in the juices, this 8-oz. fillet was covered in a homemade Tomato Chutney, and is a definite must try on a Friday. Other entrees include Bison, Venison, Crab, Pickerel, Sea Bass and Sturgeon… just to name a few.

Dining like this doesn’t exist in the city, making this a must-try for the more adventurous out-of-towner. As previously intimated, easily one of the most memorable dining experiences of the year (to date). I am looking forward to heading back to this converted prefab garage and ordering something new off the big board(s).

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