Mi Mi Restaurant – 688 Gerrard St. East – (416) 778-5948

Tucked away in Chinatown East, Mi Mi’s has established itself as a neighborhood hot-spot. If you’re looking for a fast (usually), cheap, friendly, clean place to eat Pho in the east-end of town, this is where you need to go.

mimi pho

Spring Rolls ($3.95) are made-to-order (not fried) and are filled with either Shrimp or BBQ Pork. Large bowls of Pho are available with all the usual ingredients (Beef, Rare Beef, Beef Balls, Chicken), and all come with the choice of Rice Noodles, Egg Noodles or both. The real standouts include BBQ Beef Soup w/ Rice & Egg Noodles ($7.95), BBQ Pork Soup w/ Rice & Egg Noodles ($7.95), and Shrimp Dumpling Soup w/ Rice Noodles ($7.95).

mimi dumpling

With close to 30 combinations of Pho (all available as rice dishes or with the broth on the side), Mi Mi’s truly has something for everyone… and eating there doesn’t hurt the wallet. Expect a full-house during lunch-hour, and be sure to bring an appetite. Best Pho in the city? I tend to think so.

mimi bun

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Drew says:


    Used to go here all the time with my mom when she lived on Withrow Ave. Family run place and a beauty. You’re bringing back some great memories. Wicked blog.

  2. bear says:

    I go here all the time! Great pho and spring rolls!

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