New Bilan Restaurant – 183 Dundas St. East – (416) 943-0330

I write this blog entry as my wife and I pack-up and get ready to move. With pots, pans and utensils in boxes, only the best take-away will do tonight. I had eaten in the dining room at New Bilan once before, and although the food was fantastic, I couldn’t help but notice that ordering to-go was the far more popular option amongst patrons. I chalk this up to the less-than-savory atmosphere of the place. I just can’t stay away, though; the Somalian/Bangladeshi food is that good.

The Goat Platter ($9.99) is the house specialty, and for good reason. A generous helping of Stewed Goat is served along-side Roasted Potatoes, Onion and Red Pepper. Rice Pilaf is cooked perfectly and topped with Sweet Raisins. As if the platter isn’t enough food, Barry (the Bangladeshi cook) also brings out Cauliflower Soup on the side, along with a bowl of homemade Green Hot Sauce… good luck trying to get the recipe. Legend has it that all meals used to be served with a pitcher of hand-squeezed Watermelon Juice. I am happy that a pop or water is also included for $10, tax-in.

I had driven past New Bilan numerous times on my way to work and always wondered about it. I may have been hesitant to visit due to the run-down internet cafe that comprises its entrance. It’s definitely worth going through to the dining room, though, as there are a number of stews available daily. I wouldn’t take my wife there on Valentine’s Day, but I would be more than happy to bring home take-away any night of the week.

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  1. Gabriel says:

    I was there last month. IT’s still open!!

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