Khao San Road – 326 Adelaide St W – (647) 352-5773

When one walks by Khao San Road, it’s immediately obvious that they’re doing something right. A line-up out the door at lunch intimates that we should probably make a reservation if we want to get a spot for dinner. Being a large party, we were accommodated by being seated at a long table with less-than-comfortable wooden stools. Comfort levels are quickly balanced, however, as a trio of starters start flowing out of the kitchen.

The Po Pia Pak Sod Gai Yaw ($6.00) equates to a half-dozen fresh Spring Rolls filled with hot Chicken and cold Lettuce, Carrots and Mint along side a Tamarind & Garlic dipping sauce. Pictured above, the Gra Bong ($9.00) is the only way to eat Squash. Numerous bird’s nests of Spaghetti Squash are battered with Red Curry Paste and fried until they resemble fritters. Finally, the Goong Taud Samoon Prai ($9.00) is the house take on Coconut Shrimp… except the texture is light like Panko with hints of Lime.

We order three mains to share, and there were leftovers. Being in the mood for Curry (what else is new) we order the Red Curry Chicken ($13.00). It’s a good reference point. The dish is eclipsed, though, by the Chicken Massaman Curry ($13.00)… a thick, brown Tamarind Gravy full of Onions, Peanuts, Potatoes and Bay Leaves; topped with crispy deep-fried Shallots. We pass on Pad Thai and try instead the Beef Pad Kee Mao ($13.00). Moister than your average Pad Thai, here we have stir-fried Rice Noodle with Green Chili, Garlic, Green Pepper, Bamboo Shoots and Basil leaves.

Three starters, three mains and three Singhas each ($6.00), and we were left to waddle out of the place. Good thing, too, as the line-up out the door  and the bustling dinner crowd left little room for us heavy-eaters to navigate. See you again soon, Khao San Road.

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