Rose’s Vietnamese Sandwiches ~ 601 Gerrard St E ~ (416) 406-9906

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I have had heard a lot of great things about Rose’s Vietnamese Sandwiches, so I decided to check it out for myself. Close to my office, I left wondering why it took me so long to visit. Drawn by the lore of an extremely cheap lunch, I also leave with a full stomach, a full wallet and new go-to.  

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I am welcomed by the owner, Rose Psam, who takes me into the back to show me how they prepare their Shredded Chicken. I’m told it’s a 5-hour process. Returning to the front, their sandwich bar is stocked with a number of Banh Mi options, ranging in price from $2 to a whopping $2.50. I opt for the aforementioned Shredded Chicken, and Rose fills a buttered crusty roll with Cilantro, Pickled Veggies and a lovely hot sauce that adds an extra complexity.  Since I have this review in mind, I order a second Shredded Pork Banh Mi. It’s basically the same but is  lathered in Pate rather than butter. I can’t believe how much I have to eat for $5 tax-in.

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It was so cold out today that I ate inside. This really is a take-out joint, though, as there is no seating whatsoever. When I returned to the office, my colleagues asked me how it was. I must say that it’s a truly unique dining experience and really can’t be compared to the more popular Banh Mi places downtown for a number of reasons. I will be back; that’s for sure. Thanks, Rose. It was truly a pleasure.

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