Mocha Mocha ~ 489 Danforth Ave ~ (416) 778-7896

MM Sign

Mocha Mocha is an extremely popular, family-friendly café in the heart of Greektown. They have been serving up healthy food and healthy portions since 1991. “Owners Marijan and Mercedes Tripkovic have blended their multi-cultural heritage along with their experience in the hospitality industry to create Mocha Mocha.”

MM Taco (2)

Mocha Mocha is where my wife and I would go to eat after our daughter’s Rainbow Songs classes. It’ll forever hold a special place in my heart. It seems I’m not the only one… strollers and  mat-leavers abound, in search of a healthy lunch and a place to exchange new-mom stories. There are a half-dozen salads available at any one time, and their house vinaigrette is available pre-packaged to take home. I tend to lean towards their sandwich menu; my current favourites being the Clubhouse (above) or their made-to-order Egg Salad. If I’m really hungry I’ll add the Soup of the Day; however, most items come with a side salad so I’m rarely left wanting more.

MM Quesadilla

Not feeling like a soup, salad or sandwich?  Mocha Mocha has a number of hot specials that rotate daily. Some of the menu stalwarts include Chicken Quesadillas (above), Fish Tacos (below) and, perhaps my favourite, East African Chicken Stew (which comes with rice & salad). There are also a number of baked goods & freshly-brewed coffee available if dessert is more your thing.

MM Taco (1)

Many of you reading this have probably eaten here. For those who aren’t yet in the know, you gotta check this place out. Not convinced? I happen to know a couple who travel all the way from Avenue Road and Lawrence once a week to order takeout for dinner. It’s really that good. File this place under the “healthy” section on the Toronto Food Blog. Some might say it’s about time;)



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