Federick Restaurant ~ 1920 Ellesmere Rd ~ (416) 439-9234

federick sign 1

Federick Restaurant is renowned for bringing Hakka food to Toronto. Well, Scarborough actually. And with a recent expansion into a new Markham location, these guys are obviously doing something right (their take-out bag suggests they’ve have been doing so for the past 20 years). I am taken here as a Father’s Day gift. My expectations were exceeded on many levels.

Federick Soup

We start with the Crab & Corn Soup. They encourage us to get the Medium order for sharing, as you get far more soup for the same price as 2 bowls. Makes sense. We each finished a bowl and took the rest home. Full of sweet corn, a liberal amount of crab and plenty of egg, this mild, slippery soup works nicely with both of the chili-infused condiments on the table (pictured below).

Frederick Pakora

I work with someone who told me to try the Chicken Pakoras; that they are the stuff of legend. I thought she may be a bit biased seeing has her husband works in Federick’s kitchen. I have to tell you that they did not disappoint. In fact, they might single-handedly be the best plate of food we’ve had this year. Chili peppers are incorporated right into the batter, flash-fried to seal in the juices. A+

Federick Broccoli

Ordering a plate of vegetables to go with our fried chicken dish seemed like a good idea. The Broccoli w/ Black Mushroom was pictured on the menu, so we tried it out. The Broccoli was crunchy and the mushrooms were chewy… both topped with a Black Bean/Oyster combo sauce that we dipped the Pakoras in.

Frederick chili condiment

Due to my daughter’s nap schedule, we went to Federick in the middle of the afternoon. Even then the place was packed. The restaurant is split in half with a dining room on one side and a take-out window on the other. We can’t wait to go back and try some of the other menu items. The Kan Shue Green Beans and Chili Chicken look especially appetizing.

federick sign 2

Federick Restaurant is extremely baby-friendly. They made us feel right at home and made room for a high chair despite there being a bit of a tight squeeze. It’s no wonder this place was full of families. The vegetarian options are also quite extensive. What a great Father’s Day gift.


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