Stock-in-Trade ~ 1272 Danforth Ave ~ (416) 792-5059

SIT Sign Stock-in-Trade is a new butcher shop located on Danforth just east of Greenwood. Owner Jason Becker is doing a lot of interesting things with the space, and he and his team are pretty cool, knowledgeable people. They source, prepare and serve properly-raised, hormone & stimulant-free meat and incorporate it into everything they do. This place is a very nice, very needed addition to the neighborhood… helping it transform, one sausage at a time. SIT Butcher Their $6 sandwich board keeps me coming back. Piri Piri Fried Chicken, Pastrami Melts and Braised Pork Belly Hoagies are a few that are in regular rotation. They even do a Tofu Sandwich that’s so good, it’s turned out to be my wife’s favorite. Imagine a butcher shop nailing the tofu! My go-to, though, has got to be their take on a Cold Cut Combo… Smoked Kielbasa, Speck, Country Ham, lettuce, tomato, pickled onions and house sub sauce on a garlic-buttered crusty roll. Good stuff! SIT Sub Stock-in-Trade also hosts a Supper Club twice a month, after hours, right in the shop. $55 per person gets you a four-course, family-style meal featuring the best meats and seasonal produce available. Seating is intimate (limited to ten), and it’s BYOB with no corkage. Needless to say, it sells out pretty quickly. SIT Logo Butchery Classes are also offered for both beginners and vets alike. Covering everything from Sausage Making to Low-And-Slow (braising, stewing and roasting), these classes are offered a few times a month (after hours), and you can even BYOB (just watch your fingers). Pricing varies and includes all your supplies as well as your finished products to take home.

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