Kaiju ~ 384 Yonge St ~ (647) 748-6338


In the basement of the city’s tallest condo lies one of the city’s smallest food courts. It’s really nothing much to speak of. At first glance, one might actually miss Kaiju (tucked away in stall 51). If the PATH ever reaches Aura, this location could become a hot spot. For now, though, Kaiju is gaining notoriety with its Asian mash-up cuisine… specifically their curry dishes. This place is an excellent addition to the Ryerson lunch scene, and I find myself driving over from east of the Don at least once a month for lunch. My goal is to try everything on the menu.


The name of the game at Kaiju is really the Katsu Curry ($8). Their homemade curry sauce is made from over 14 different ingredients, and simmered low-and-slow for 2 days before serving. Panko-crusted cutlets of the chicken or pork variety are deep-fried to order, sliced thin and served atop the curry sauce (spiced to your liking). This dish looks, smells and tastes great. It’s truly line-up worthy.


My second visit saw me venture out to try new things on the menu. Their Malaysian Fried Sambal Udon ($8.50) is a real hit. I order it “Kaiju Spicy” and am presented with an extremely generous serving of extra spicy fried udon noodles, tossed with sambal, onion, fish balls, bean sprouts, carrots, red pepper and sliced chicken breast. My lunch date ordered the Thai Spicy Chicken ($8.95), which is served crispy and boneless, drizzled with a sticky chili-peanut sauce. This is a great dish for sharing or ordered as a sidecar. 


Many moons ago, I lived in Australia and played on a travelling Japanese baseball team. We would have a rather large meal after every home game. This is when I was first introduced to Katsu Curry. Naturally, when I heard about Kaiju, I really, really wanted to love this place. I have to tell you, they have yet to disappoint. I’ll be going there again this week for a Friday lunch. Next up: Taco Rice!

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