Little Coxwell ~ 986 Coxwell Ave ~ (416) 916-2565


Located in Olde East York (on Coxwell Avenue between Cosburn and O’Connor), I had initially thought that Little Coxwell catered solely to the high school students across the street. Over time, we have come to realize that they’re a staple with much of the community. Dining in, pick-up or delivery, these guys are cooking the best Vietnamese food in the east end of the city… hands down.


Rare Beef Pho is my favorite thing on any Vietnamese menu, and Little Coxwell offers-up an extremely generous bowl (in both the size and flavor department) for $8.75. I find Pho never travels well, so I’ll only order it when I dine in… which is regularly. My wife will almost always get the Chicken Bun (vermicelli). It comes in a combo, a deal at $8.50, complete with a spring roll and salad.


Thinking about something for sharing? BBQ Kalbi Ribs ($9.50) are tossed in a sticky sesame glaze; a great starter for the table. Their Green Mango Salad ($7.75) is spicy and sweet and holds up well the next day without getting soggy. The menu also offers a number of Curry and Rice dishes that lean a little more towards Thai. The Basil Chicken/ Beef ($11.95) is enough for 2 people and comes with either a sidecar of rice or tossed in glass noodles. Green curries are available, loaded with veggies and your choice of protein. The show-stopper for me, however, has got to be their Goat Curry ($10.50). Now I am a purveyor of curried goat, ordering it regularly at various establishments around town. Little Coxwell’s version is right up there, presented as an enormous stew of bone-in goat, potato & root vegetables. Definitely worth a try.


If you live in East York and are reading this, you probably know all about Little Coxwell already. If not, check out their website ( and order yourself something off the extensive delivery menu. Or dine in with the family. They’re extremely kid friendly; a family-run place. Either way, you will not be disappointed and will have found yourself a new go-to. We certainly have.


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  1. Brando says:

    Nice work Ash! We’ve been eating here for years, it’s dynamite.

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