Tommaso’s Trattoria ~ 400 Eastern Ave ~ (416) 466-0988

tommasos sign2

Tommaso Conti’s trattoria is a bit off the beaten track (Eastern Avenue between Broadview and Logan). Don’t let location fool you… this is the best Italian food on the east side of town. Their Italian Hot Plate draws the lunch crowds on a daily basis. I’m becoming a bit of a regular. Pay them a visit and you’ll see why.

tomasso pizza

There are a number of daily Pizza creations for $4 a slice and Calzones for $5 (Sausage & Rapini is my current favourite). Enormous Italian Sandwiches are also available for $8… everything from Meatball to Chicken, Veal to Cold Cuts.

tomasso veal

The $12 lunch combo affords you a bit of everything from the hot/cold buffet: pastas, meats, sides and salads; all piled high. They really don’t scrimp on the portions… choosing instead to provide you with everything you ask for (and then some). There’s also a massive salad bar ($8-10) for those who don’t dig on the gluten or meat.

tomasso pasta plate

Dinner really has nothing to do with the hot-plate lunch menu, focusing on meaty mains and whole pizza pies. And though I have only ever been for lunch, I’m seriously considering booking our next big dinner here, as there’s ample space for a function in the dining room. It worth noting that catering is also available, and it’s awesome (I work minutes away and often call these guys to bring in lunch). Eastern Avenue love, baby.

tommaso logo

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  1. Jed says:

    Sad to report I saw the following in BlogTO today about Tomasso’s: A beloved pizzeria and Italian restaurant in Riverside, this was a favourite among those who work in the film industry nearby. It closed after an eight-year run due to the recently sold building’s rent skyrocketing.

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