sukhoTHAI ~ 274 Parliament St. ~ (416) 913-8846

Chef Nuit Regular needs no introduction. She’s single-handedly shaped the Toronto Thai food scene, building her  empire while collaborating with many of the city’s best. The Toronto Food Blog would like to give a shout out to our favorite Toronto Thai restaurant of all time… the one that started it all… sukhoTHAI @ 274 Parliament St.

I feel very comfortable saying that sukhoTHAI has the best Pad Thai in the city. It’s my wife’s favourite, so it’s ordered on 100% of our visits. Great for sharing, we’ll typically opt for Shrimp as the protein and make it Thai Spicy ($15). It’s rammed to the gills with bean sprouts, shallots, peanuts and egg… all tossed in a garlicky tamarind sauce. You will be pleased to know that this dish is 100% ketchup free:)

My favourite item on the menu is their Massaman Curry ($13). I’ll always order it with Beef, as it best compliments the starchy potato. This is a mild dish with a thick gravy of onion, peanut, tamarind and coconut milk. Be forewarned: it’s quite addictive:)

Khao Soi ($14) is a northern dish with strong Burmese influences. It literally means “cut rice” which refers to the chewy noodles that line the bottom of the bowl. The noodles are topped with a generous serving of creamy yellow curry and the protein of your choice, finished with crispy fried noodles on top for texture.

If you’re feeling like a chicken dish, their Panang Curry ($13) is a must try. More of a southern specialty with Malay influences, chicken and veggies are tossed in a spicy curry of chili, lime and shrimp paste, thickened with a touch coconut milk. It instantly turns your sidecar of rice into sticky rice, and is a great for sharing if you’re looking to add a little heat to your order.

Chef Nuit Regular grew up in Northern Thailand and was taught to cook by her mother at an early age. Nuit and her husband, Jeff, opened  their first restaurant in Pai, Thailand, and decided to transplant it to Regent Park in 2004. The rest, as they say, is history. sukhoTHAI has been a staple on Parliament ever since, serving-up an authentic dining experience that aims on making their patrons feel like they have just walked into a little curry shack smack-dab in the middle of Thailand.





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