Mike’s Fish and Chips ~ 2162 Danforth Ave ~ 416-429-4665

Just east of Woodbine Station, 2162 Danforth Avenue has been a Fish & Chip restaurant for over 75 years. Nick Benakis (the fifth owner) took over Mike’s Fish & Chips from his parents-in-law a couple of years back and has rejigged the menu to focus primarily on both Burgers & Fish and Chips.

The burgers are simple, well-priced, well-sized and delicious. They also travel well. The bun is perfectly toasted and remains crunchy when I order via UberEats or drop in to pick dinner up.

I worked at Penrose when I was in high school, so I feel comfortable critiquing Fish & Chips. Mike’s does a great Halibut at a great price. It’s easily his best seller. The fresh-cut Chips are on point, and their homemade tartar sauce is a really nice touch. No greasy little packets here.

Be sure to check out their Instagram feed for the daily special. It’s their “not so secret” menu and is often some delicious specialty sandwich. So glad this place is at the end of our street. Mike’s Fish & Chips is wife & kid approved.



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