Rudy ~ 619 College St ~ (647) 748-7839

Happy Canada Day!!! The 150 celebrations really got the Toronto Food Blog inspired to showcase a cheap-eats spot who are going all out this weekend. RUDY happens to be dishing out free burgers to the first 150 of their Instagram followers who grace their doors this July 1st.  I would expect nothing less from the best burger joint in town:)

Their signature burger, The Rudy, is pretty much perfection. Topped with dirty processed cheese, lettuce, tomato and RUDY sauce, they hit the nail on the head in the most minimal of ways. Want to complicate things? Ask for it “rude” and you get an extra patty. Ask for it “tattooed” and you’ll get your burger lathered in bacon. Ask for both and I cannot promise what will happen from there.

If you don’t dig on beef, or want to try one of each sandwich (my typical go-to), their Valentino Chicken Sandwich is also a 10/10. Complete with a perfect combo of ‘Slaw and Sauces, this is an excellent fried chicken sandwich that doesn’t break the bank.

As some of you may know, I’m not the biggest fan of Fries, Poutine or Shakes… especially after I eat a couple of sandwiches.  Not indulging in any of the aforementioneds really helps keep my waistline below 40″. Jokes aside, I wish I could better report on some of these RUDY staples/fundamentals. That said, I do happen to know a really great sandwich when I eat one. Hats off to RUDY for their great food… and for hooking their regulars up with a Canada 150 burger special this weekend. Glad this spot is right beside our TBL home-field stadium #roncesvallesrockets #torontoburbyleague


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