Gyoko Sushi ~ 2143 Danforth Ave ~ (416) 916-0901

Gyoko Sushi is the newest addition to the evolving retail landscape of Danforth East.  From a supply-and-demand perspective, it’s easily the best sushi restaurant around.  A welcome and needed addition to the ‘hood, this is a great spot for families with young kids and/or for picking up a little something-something on the way home.

Gyoko Sushi has all of your traditional sushi and sashimi offerings, varying in size depending on how hungry you are or how many people you’re feeding.  The menu is full of interesting combinations and dinner sets that come complete with miso soup, salad, rice and edamame.   Love me some on-the-house edamame!  Now, I tend to judge sushi restaurants by their Sashimi Dinner.  These guys nail it.  They also have a number of elevated rolls (Dragon Maki) which are both huge (10 pieces) and easy on the wallet.  Any place that will cover an enormous dynamite roll with BBQ Eel will always hold a special place in my heart.  Sushi Boats seem to be quite popular with the to-go crowd.  Oh, and be sure to check out the numerous sushi pizza options for the kids.

Not feeling sushi ?  Fear not, because their Teriyaki Chicken is both delicious and a substantial portion of food.  It’s available on the lunch menu for a discounted price and doesn’t disappoint.  Another non-fishy plate is the Chicken Katsu.  My 5-year-old ordered this dish and it was basically the same size and presentation as the teriyaki but a deep-fried (crispy, not oily).  It worked like a Japanese take on chicken fingers, complete w/ dipping sauce.  Order one for the table if you’re visiting with kids.  If you have a hankering for noodles, there’s a section of the menu completely dedicated to Udon as well.  We had a member of our group unable to eat fish on our last visit, and there was absolutely no issue finding a multitude of things for her to enjoy.

When Gyoko Sushi first popped-up in the location of a recently-closed sushi restaurant, I had my doubts.  Gotta tell you, though, there’s no comparison between the two.  Nicely renovated and staffed with some of the friendliest folks on the Danforth, I am hoping this place becomes a bit of a neighborhood institution.  It’s certainly going to be a regular go-to with my young family.  Fast, friendly, well-priced, lots of food… this is a winning combination.


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  1. I love them too. Their phone number is 416-916-0901 🙂

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