Que Ling ~ 248 Boulton Ave ~ (416) 778-4038

Tucked away behind the main drag of Chinatown East, Que Ling is a Vietnamese Mom-and-Pop that does a couple of things really, really well.  A bungalow turned dining room, table seats are hard to come by at lunch hour.  And it’s obvious why… these guys are doling out some of the heartiest broth in town.  If you like beef and you like soup, Que Ling is the place to come.  A real hidden gem in the cheap-eats category.  #thosewhoknow

I always start with an order of Bánh cuốn…  small if dining alone, large if I’ve brought company.  These well-priced rice-paper rolls are filled with minced pork, wood-ear mushroom and scallions and are finished with crispy shallots & chillies.  Easy on the palate and wallet, these babies are a real treat while you wait for your bowl of soup.

Tripe, Beef Ball, Tendon, Rare Brisket, Beef Broth… the Que Ling Special (above) is just about the beefiest bowl of broth that you will find anywhere… all for around eight bucks.

The Hue Noodle Soup (below) is heavy on the brisket, served with wider, spaghetti-like noodles.  This registers a little higher on the spice scale (if that’s your thing).

I love spending my time & money locally in Chinatown East.  Que Ling has become part of my weekly routine.  Lunch under 10 bucks?  No problem realizing that here.  A small, affordable menu that knocks a couple of things out of the park.  Their take-out menu travels nicely, and they’re cash only.  Anyone want to meet me here next week for a bowl?

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