Delina ~ 1891 Queen St E ~ (647) 348-2009

Delina Restaurant is a hidden gem at the west end of the Beach.  Owned and operated by a mother & daughter duo, their smorgasbord is full of Mediterranean & Middle-Eastern classics with a distinctly East-African twist.

I love hitting-up Delina for lunch, in large part due to the salad bar.  Tabule, Coleslaw, Beets, Corn, Lentils, Beans, Eggplant, Saffron Rice, Kale, Potatoes, Hummus… pick whichever you like and then top with proteins such as falafel, chicken shawarma and grilled fish.  The East-African influences really come out with their beef offering, which more closely resembles Ethiopian beef tibs than shawarma.   Whatever you choose, these are huge plates of veggie & keto-friendly food for around $12… or you can wrap everything up in a pita for half the price.  Lentil soup and various samosas are available on the side, the latter bursting with Sudanese spices.

I first heard about Delina from my friend Marie.  She had them cater her husband’s birthday.  Pleasantly surprised at how much delicious food there was, and at an extremely friendly cost per-person.  How hadn’t I heard of this place?  Based on that birthday dinner, I sought them out for lunch and have started going regularly.  Lucky for me, they’re on the same street as my office.  Just a quick streetcar ride down Queen East and I’m lunching with the best of them.  Check these guys out the next time you’re craving something veggie or keto-friendly in the Beach or if you’re looking for affordable & healthy east-end catering.  You won’t be disappointed.

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