Hakka Chopsticks ~ 2940 Danforth Ave ~ (647) 352-4888

Hidden away at the very east end of Danforth, Hakka Chopsticks is a Mom & Pop that does great Chinese food with a distinctly Indian flare.  Their menu is extensive, cheap and cheerful.  It’s also Halal.  Help yourself to hot & sour soup while you wait for your pick-up orders, and be sure to try their chopped-chili-oil condiment that adorns each table.  If spice is your thing, this stuff is worth the price of admission.  A daily specials board also includes at least  dozen items that get you #lunchunder10bucks

I reckon Hakka Chili Chicken is an elevated take on General Tso.  Available dry or with gravy, these guys are going one step further by adding Garam Masala into their Kolkata rendition.  This dish comes with an ample amount of rice and is a wonderfully-spicy assault on the taste buds, all for around ten bucks.  Truly one of the more celebrated dishes on any Hakka menu.

Hakka Chopsticks is just as good at the Veggie dishes as they are with the meats.  Kan Shue Green Beans is definitely worth a try, thanks in large part to the spicy tofu crumble atop the crunchy beans.  Finished with Chili Oil, this dish is available as a lunch special or on the dinner menu.  They also do Tofu and Paneer many different ways. Feel free to sub-out meat for one of these proteins on any of their dishes.  Veggie pakoras hit the spot as well.

There’s a huge section of the menu dedicated solely to noodles.  Chow Mein & Shanghai Noodles come in enormous portions, and the flavour profiles vary depending on spice tolerance.  Our go-to is the Hakka Ginger & Masala Chow Mein.  Filled with Veggies & Chicken, this dish actually cools things off as a side car to some of the spicier things we tend to order.  Mein as a main is a thing here if noodles are your bag.

The far-east-end of Danforth is renowned for its South-Asian influences.  Hakka Chopsticks has been a fixture here for as log as I can remember, churning out their specialties  slightly off the beaten-track in East York.  No need to venture further into Scarborough; these guys have you covered from just off the subway line.  There’s ample parking in Shopper’s World across the street to boot.  The missus and I  pick-up from here a couple of times a month and have almost completely transplanted the Hakka style of cooking into our Chinese food conversation.



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