Loga’s Corner ~ 216 Close Ave ~ (647) 761-0965

Loga’s Corner is a popular Parkdale Tibetan restaurant & take-away.  They draw large crowds, thanks to delicious food and reasonable prices.  One of the best finds for cheap eats in the city, their menu is very simple yet kinda complicated.  I spent some time chatting with Loga himself during my last visit.  He shared with me some of his secrets to a happy & healthy marriage and to running a successful business.  Not surprisingly, the focal-point for both revolved around food.

Potato Dumplings (aloo momos) are available for a buck a piece and can be found on the Toronto Food Blog’s “must-order” list.  A baseball-sized portion of curried mashed potato is dropped into the deep fryer until crispy.  Multiple textures and flavours abound.  Served with homemade hot sauce (more on that shortly) and pickled daikon, be sure to grab a half-dozen for the table or to take home.  You can thank me later.

Tibetan Momos (dumplings) are the name of the game here.  This dish is traditionally served on special occasions in Northern India and Tibet.  However, since the necessary ingredients are readily available in our Canadian altitude, Momos have become a daily staple in heights of Parkdale.  Hey, if I could eat them everyday, I would.  Have been trying since I found this place.  Try them steamed or fried… filled with beef, chicken pork or curried vegetables.  Loga’s wife makes them in the back, to order, from only $7 per dozen.

Not feeling dumplings?  Their Noodle Soup is hot and comforting.  It’s a winner with the less-adventurous palates of my daughters.  They manage to slurp down the whole bowl in a matter of minutes.

I’ll close with this… the homemade hot sauce at Loga’s Corner is as good as you will find anywhere.  Full stop.  Loaded with red chili and coriander, grab a mason jar and bring it home with you.  My wife liberally applies the stuff to almost everything we cook in our kitchen.  No complaints here!

གཟུགས་པོ་བདེ་ཐང་། (suk-bo de-thang)

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