Latin World ~ 1229 Bloor St W ~ (416) 603-3311

The Toronto Food Blog has a real soft spot for the west-end neighbourhood of Bloordale Village.  My wife and I lived on Lansdowne Avenue back in the day and thoroughly enjoyed all the diversity.  One of the ‘hood’s best-kept secrets is Latin World.  Half restaurant, half bodega, the name of the game here is cheap-eats.  These guys are more than your average grocery-store taqueria, with an abundance of Latin American menu options that are definitely worth a try.

Tacos Al Pastor are one of the more popular menu items.  Grab four of them for only $10 (most days).  Served with a plethora of hot sauces, each bite holds a little something different.  Be sure to check out their daily $1 taco special for additional value (al pastor included).  I will almost always do this so I have money left over to try something new.

With that in mind, one of my favourite things to order at Latin World is their Pozole.  This is #lunchunder10bucks at its best, with S/M/L bowls all available on the cheap.  The broth is spicy and complicated, and I actually have to ask the waitress to verify that it is indeed sweet corn providing the unique texture in the bowl.  This is a really nice soup.

The Tamales at Latin World are Oaxacan style, meaning flattened and served in a banana leaf.  Accompanied by crema and hot sauces, they’re cheap and cheerful and available with nopales, chicken or pork.  Other regional menu items include burritos, chimichangas, flautas, chilaquiles. tampiquerias, pambazos, tostadas, huarache, quesadillas, gorditas and plates of alambre.  Bring the kids; there’s something for everyone!   

Don’t forget to take home some of the Latin American grocery items that line the walls.  This is the imported stuff that rarely adorns the shelves of your typical supermarket.  Authentic salsas, beans, cactus and sauces are plentiful and easy on the wallet.  Latin World has everything you need to bring the fiesta home with you.  Salud!

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