Animal Liberation Kitchen ~ 100 Broadview Ave~ (647) 232-9790

Animal Liberation Kitchen is the newest addition to the Riverside lunch scene.  Tanja Spasic and her family have spent years operating as caterers while also selling their plant-based snacks at food festivals, events and farmer’s markets.  Their new bricks & mortar spot at Queen & Broadview proves that vegan eats can also be cheap eats..

Kimchi Mac & Cheese ($8) is layered with maple-syrup tempeh for texture and is finished with liquid smoke.  A unique mélange of flavours… together at last!        This dish works really, really well.

Quinoa Salad ($10) is loaded with kale & julienned veggies and tossed in a lime/peanut dressing. The show-stopper is the dollop of ajvar, which I now liberally apply to just about anything.  This salad box has quickly become a once-a-week go-to for me.  Best lunch on the block (imo).

Sandwiches ($8) include avocado & veggie and a take on pulled BBQ Jackfruit… served on buns & bread from the St. John’s Bakery around the corner.

I always enjoy a conversation with Tanja as she prepares my lunch with her distinctly Serbian twist… often accompanied by some Talking Heads B-sides playing in the background.

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