Tinuno ~ 31 Howard St ~ (647) 343-9294

In the Philippines, Kamayan means to eat with one’s hands.  A military tradition, the mom & pop at Tinuno are bringing the Boodle Fight to a small patio in St. James Town.  Come hungry and ready to roll up your sleeves…

Banana leaves are used as a place mat and get covered with a layer of garlic rice.  Next comes a generous serving of shrimp, mussels, squid, grilled fish and pork-belly skewers.  Everything here is grilled over an open flame (Tinuno) before it comes out to the table.  At only $15 per person, this might be one of the most enjoyable and filling meals in recent memory.  Thanks for the recco, Moe!

The Kamayan feast requires a minimum of two people.  But fear not; their a la carte items are great if you’re dining alone or aren’t feeling like seafood.  Pick 1-2-3 items from their hotplate, including Filipino favourites like pork adobo, kaldereta sa gata, and veggie stir fry with bitter melon (ginisang ampalaya).  If you’re still hungry after all that, be sure to try Chef Cathy’s rendition of Halo Halo for dessert.  Cheap and cheerful, Tinuno makes it easy to have #lunchunder10bucks

“Ready on the left,
Ready on the right,
Commence boodle fight!”

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