Chelsea’s ~ 1027 Pape Avenue ~ (647) 346-3588

The Toronto Food Blog has been on a bit of a Filipino food kick lately.  The flavors, marinades and variety of vegetables…  I’m lucky to have a really good local spot in downtown East York.  Chelsea’s is a Tintinpiye in #papevillage (1027 Pape Ave), with a co-location in St. James Town.

Ten bucks gets you a couple of items from their plentiful hot-plate with either garlic rice or pancit (noodles).  They also have some hard-to-find grocery items if you’re looking to DIY at home.

Ginisang Kalabasa is a squash and long-bean stew in coconut milk.  The squash is chewy, filling and skews on the sweet side.

Add some sweet & sour  Chicken Adobo, and you’ve got yourself quite a nice #lunchunder10bucks

 I love me some Kaldereta (beef stew).  Mild & hearty, this is one of the most popular dishes in the Philippines.  Chelsea’s version is finished with olives.

Also tried their Pork Bistek.  Really dug the contrast of vinegar alongside the milder beef stew.

Other Pinoy specialties rotate daily and often include Kare Kare (oxtail), Sinigang (chicken), Tosino (pork) and Laing (seafood).

I tend to get into long conversations with the ladies behind the counter during lunch.  They’re happy to chat, at length, about food and seem genuinely interested that I’m so keen,… willing to disclose just about anything (other than their secret ingredients).

Grandma’s home cooking in the heart of East York.  Ten bucks goes a long way at Chelsea’s!

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