Boat King of Thai Noodles ~ 770 Bay St ~ (416) 591-8838

May 1st already?  Happy birthday, Molly!  Earlier this month we were treated the most wonderful Thai delivery from Boat King of Thai Noodles c/o the good people at V.O.C. Events.  We ate dinner with the chef and other bloggers as part of a Virtual Foodie Event.  This was a very fun concept at a time when dinner parties are so hard to come by.  We were craving Thai food, and these guys delivered (on many levels).  It wasn’t long before we ordered from them again.

The standout dish for me, hands down, is their eponymous Boat Noodles.  A hat tip to the local food served along the canals of BKK, this is a complicated bowl of pork & beef broth laced with cinnamon, lemongrass, star anise, five-spice, galangal and pandan leaves.  Impossible to replicate for this home-cook, they finish the dish with various cuts of beef and serve everything atop chewy hand-pulled noodles.  Perfection in a bowl right here!  I am going to order their Laksa next time ’round.

My wife doesn’t dig on the beef so much, but her expectations were exceeded with a couple of their chicken dishes.  Green curry chicken w/ lime leaves & enoki mushrooms was so good that we ordered it again the following weekend.  Great spice levels and a textured crunch from the veggies even after delivery across town.  We also really liked the fact that the chicken satay skewers were grilled using dark meat.  Kept them super moist & tender.

I’ll end with this… my wife and I haven’t had Thai food this good in a long time!   And it was so cool to sit down and chat with Chef Toa about the techniques and ingredients in each dish.  I think I speak for the other food bloggers at the virtual dinner party when I say that it was a great evening of food and interaction; a combination that has been out of reach in this new reality of social distancing.  Boat King of Thai Noodles is available for curbside pickup or delivery using most food apps.  Do yourself a favour and get involved with this great Thai comfort food.

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  1. Ravin kumar says:

    Really noodles looks so delicious! They sounds is really great. I will try my home. Thanks for sharing recipe.

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