Tata Hot Sauce Emporium ~ 219 Rexleigh Dr ~ (647) 444-7685

It looks like summer has finally arrived… and just in time, as the Ontario economy slowly starts to open-up after a good few months of lockdown.  Our family moved into the St. Clair & O’Connor neighbourhood just before the public heath situ went sideways.  As such, we’ve been sticking real close to home this past little while.  And that’s a good thing, because we’ve really gotten to know the ‘hood.  One of the best finds has been Tata Hot Sauce Emporium.  Thrilled that this is one of our new locals.

Should have known this place would be off the hook.  My buddy JC told me all about the food and sauces these guys were creating.  When my work colleague Debbie learned I was going to become her neighbour, she started raving about Tata’s being a must try.  And here we are… now regular customers since we moved in.

Odaine Davidson, aka Tata, has a larger-than-life personality.  His enthusiasm emanates from every corner of his little hole in the wall.  He keeps it simple, doing a couple of things really, really well.

As the name suggests, these guys are making some truly great hot sauce. There are a few different varieties depending on your spice tolerance.  Grab a bottle to go if you can handle the heat.  These sauces adorn the jerk chicken offerings on the menu.  Tata serves up jerk two different ways, both under ten bucks…

The most popular item on the menu is his jerk chicken on coco bread.  Best sandwich I’ve eaten this year.  An enormous two-hander, stuffed to the brim with jerk chicken, peppery salad and the hot sauce of your choice.  Or if you’re not digging on coco bread for whatever reason, try one of their jerk chicken salads.  These are a work of art, layered with many ingredients to ensure the bottom doesn’t get soggy when you take one home with you.  Some have been known to drink the juice at the bottom of the salad bowl upon completion.  They’re that good!  Wash everything down with a cola champagne and the patty of your choice, and you’ve got yourself one heck of a meal.

So the next time you’re up in this neck of the East York woods, drop by Tata’s for some lunch.  Be sue to tell him the Toronto Food Blog sent you.  Oh, and a pro tip…  since Tata is often rolling solo in the kitchen, be sure to call ahead so everything’s ready to go upon arrival.  It’s well worth the wait but not necessary if communicated in advance:)   Tata accepts cash & card and is takeout / curbside pickup only.


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  1. Tata says:

    Dear Toronto Food Blog,

    The Happiness & Joy I felt after reading your blessed TorontoFoodBlog.com post on our Family Business
    (Tata Hot Sauce Emporium) has left me feeling Proud and Motivated to continue to service our community through these rough times and beyond.
    I truly admire your passion for finding beautiful gems in our Amazing city. And I commend you for taking the time to share your Positive experiences of our Tata shop.
    Honestly, it truly feels Great to be recognized and Tata is definitely Inspired by your graciousness.
    Moreover, please know how Grateful we are to be posted on your website. And please remember that;
    “Tata! Brings Flava to your Table!”
    One Love Ashley!



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  3. Please update more often because I love your blog. Thank you!

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