Lageez ~ 641 Pharmacy Ave ~ 416) 285-7999

Happy Canada Day!  One of the more common inquiries the Toronto Food Blog receives is for recommendations around the best Indian food in town.  That’s a really tough question to answer.  If we’re talking eastside of town and all the standards of a North Indian menu, then our answer is always the same.  Lageez is a family-run spot on the Toronto-Scarborough border with easy delivery into #EastYork.  Lots of variety on Chef Vishnu’s menu, without the downtown price tag.  They’re currently doing pick-up and delivery only due to the public health situ, and that suits us just fine.  We’ll typically order dinner to-go once a month.  This place has become our most frequent go-to when having company over for dinner.

The appetizer & chaat menu is extensive at Lageez.  Highlights include some of the best Onion Bahji in recent memory.  Crunchy and the perfect amount of oily, don’t sleep on these little guys.  I also strongly recommend their Tikka Paneer.  Pictured above, this is near perfection on a plate, straight out of the tandoor.  We’ll always add an order of their vinegary Onion Salad w/ beetroot and chilli.  This is a great accouterment, packing a punch like a good Achaar should.

The meat curries are hearty and flavourful.  Choose your protein from Lamb, Chicken, Goat, Fish or Shrimp.  Then make the painstaking decision on the gravy… Masala, Butter, Korma, Vindaloo, Goan or Kadai (my current favourite).  Add a garlicky Naan and some Biryani, and I’m predicting a nap in your near future.

They’re also doing great things with veggies.  All those aforementioned gravies can come loaded with Paneer or Channa.  Crowd favourite Aloo Gobi Masala is easily one of the best ways to eat Cauliflower.  They have a few different renditions of Dal depending on whether you’re feeling yellow (tadka) or black (makhani) Lentils.  The veggie show-stopper for me, though, is the Bhindi Do Pyaza.  Perfectly-cooked Okra in an Onion & Chili stir fry.  If onions are your jam, this dish is for you.  We can’t get enough and have been known to order two.

Unlike some of the other restaurants in Scarborough that specialize in the cuisine of a specific Indian state, Lageez offers a wide array of North Indian standards that should appeal to the tastes of just about anyone joining you for dinner.  If you’re in the east-end of Toronto and are looking for a solid Indian takeout/delivery option, this is your place.

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