Taste of T&T ~ 145 Kingston Road East, Ajax ~ (905) 426-3352

One of our New Year’s resolutions is to focus more on the positive.  So if there’s any silver lining to this whole COVID situation, 2020 did see a remarkable uptick in two of the Toronto Food Blog’s favourite things:  playing golf and eating take out.  Both evolved as ways to support local small business while staying connected with our friends and colleagues (albeit at distance).  Numerous rounds of golf in Durham Region always ended at the same place:  Taste of T&T.  We love this place so much, in fact, that we were (and still are) literally looking for any excuse to venture out to the east-end of the GTA.

As one might expect with the eponymous name, this place showcases the cuisine of Trinidad & Tobago and its mix of African, Indian and Chinese influences.   And it’s truly a family affair; all hands on deck required to handle the lineups.   Our first visit saw us liming in the parking lot with a couple of doubles (you can never order just one) and a Peardrax to wash everything down.  “A dozen to-go” seems to be a common order among those in the queue.  We quickly returned to try the rest of the menu.

To say that we like things spicy would be putting it mildly.  And we’re told that the jerk and curry dishes at Taste of T&T skew on the hot side.  Jerk Chicken is not typically something we’d order at a Trini restaurant… but it’s one of the few boneless offerings on the meat menu, so that piques our interest.  Absolute fire!!!  Just what the doctor ordered.  Don’t sleep on their Curry Duck either.

The aforementioned rice dishes come with a sidecar of curried potatoes.  Love these potatoes!  So much so that a recent visit saw us order a potato roti straight-up w/ extra pepper.  This was an enormous two-hander; an excellent #lunchunder10bucks.  It’s magic when the dhalpuri flour mixes with the curry gravy.  Know what I mean?  Both their roti and paratha wraps are a great way to eat your vegetables (if that’s more your speed).  The pumpkin iteration travels well and is extremely hearty.

With the longest days of winter behind us, golf season is approaching sooner rather than later.  Don’t think we’ll be able to wait for a tee time, though.  Something tells me we’ll be heading back to Ajax this month.  Bake & Shark is on our radar, and we’ve got a hankering for another large bowl of cow foot soup.

Adorned with a variety of imported snacks, sweets & sodas, this place is a little hint of Port of Spain at Kingston Road & Salem.  Better belly bust than good food waste.

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